A quick way to get my Hotmail account recovered:

28 April 2020

If you have forgotten your Hotmail password and no longer get access to your account then, you are in the right place. Here you will learn the exact steps to get your Hotmail account recovered. Hotmail provides you the best way to communicate with others via emails. And, it is obvious if you forget your account password then you will not be able to use your account. In this guide, we will discuss the exact way to get Hotmail Account Recovered.

A quick way to get my Hotmail account recovered:

Before moving ahead with the account recovery option then:

• Make sure that you have a recovery email address linked with it. It is highly suggested to use a different service and the issue with overseas travel which may cause hassles on the Hotmail account and also cause those same issues on the recovery account if it is also a Microsoft account
• Be sure that your recovery account remains active and current. Log in to it on a constant basis to open and if you use it for nothing else
• Consider settings up a recovery code
• Set up a mobile number or use Smartphone app if you have one then, provide even more recovery options
• Set up more than one recovery option and you will note in my example account that “I had two different email address part from a phone number”

Account Recovery Without a Password

• Make sure that not all recovery mechanisms might be available for all accounts. Not only do things change but also which will be available might depend on your account settings and perhaps even where you are located
• After entering your email address at the outlook.com sign-in display, you will be asked for your account password
• Click on Forgot Password? For a list of ways to get a security code to make sure that it is you
• This is the recovery information which you previously set up in your account configuration

Assuming that you did not set up a piece of recovery information, lost access to those you configured previously, click on the option “I don’t have any of these.” You might then be provided the opportunity to enter a previously organized recovery code.

If you don’t have one then, click on No and continue below at Recovery your Account

Additional verification, even with a password

As I already told, particularly when traveling, Microsoft might need extra verification even after you offer the correct password while signing in. When it happens, an additional dialog appears

Assuming that you are no longer or you don’t have access to the listed alternate email address or phone numbers then, choose the option “I don’t have these things anymore.” The ‘Send code’ option will change to Verify online, click on that.

Recover your Account

• The recovery process will now switch to a probable manual account-verification process
• Once again you provide the email address of the account to which you are attempting to gain access, as well as another email address at which you can be contacted. The second email address can be any account to which you have access now
• Click on Next and you might be sent a code to the second email account that you’ll enter to verify that you have access to it. You will then be redirected with a page requesting an assortment of information.
• This page will ask you to provide as much information as you can about the account that includes:

1. You first & last name and birth date
2. Your location
3. The answer to your security question, if you had one or more set up
4. The subject emails line which you might have sent currently
5. The names of any folders which you have created in your account
6. The email addresses of any contacts to which you have currently sent email
7. Billing information, a credit card and if you’ve any linked with the account

Here is the goal to provide enough information to prove your identity. And again it is essential to provide as much information as possible. When you have done then, so click on Submit and then, you have to wait.

The information is submitted to Microsoft and something happens. What that something, actually no one knows, but yes it is a combination of mostly automated attempts to check the information that you have submitted against the account.

If you have provided enough information, and that information itself is enough for the system for trusting that you are the correct account holder, you will be emailed a password reset link. And click on it and follow the promptness to complete the recovery procedure. When you are done then you can easily recover your Hotmail Account. Call on Hotmail Support UK if in case you are facing any issue. The teams are always there to help you in any manner they can.