A quick way to resolve: Mail Server IMAP aol.com is Not Responding

23 June 2020

If you are using AOL then, you might have to face some server issues. Everything you refresh your emails from the Mail app in your device, you might get an error message like “Cannot get mail”. It indicates that the mail server imao.aol.com isn’t responding or imap.aol.com isn’t working. It can be really annoying and the possibility can be that error is occurring with the email settings or it is because of a minor technical issue with the email server. For that, you might just get in touch with the technical experts at AOL Service Care for the queries or instant help.

IMAP.AOL.com and the reason behind this error:

AOL is an America based online service provider. AOL has been providing free email addresses for a long time and is well known for its unlimited mailbox storage. AOL email users actually don’t have to delete emails to make room for new emails. Though, they sometimes face common errors due to the mentioned reasons:

A quick way to resolve: Mail Server IMAP aol.com is Not Responding

• AOL Mail loading problems can be lead by the inappropriate internet connection established in your device
• Due to huge number of incoming and outgoing AOL, Mail not working error occurs
• Any technical obstacle with the email server can occur emails not loading issues
• Sometimes it happened because to the wrong AOL Password

Quick ways to solve mail server IMAP AOL isn’t responding:

1.Uninstall and Reinstall the AOL Account:

At times, because of heavy incoming and outgoing, the mail account dysfunctions. This leads to the issue of the Mail Server IMAP AOL Com isn’t Responding. The best solution for this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the account. While reinstalling in a fresh manner, the settings are auto-corrected, and here is the fixing of the issue.

Step 1: Open Settings

Firstly, unlock your phone and click on the menu option and then, press the settings icon

Step 2: Select Accounts and Password option

When the setting icon opens, scroll down and search the Accounts and Password option and click on it

Step 3: Open the Email Account

When the accounts and password option open then, you will see a list of the mail accounts which you use. Click on the email id that isn’t responding

Step 4: Delete

When you click on the Mail id, use the red option to delete the account

Step 5: Go back to the main menu

After deleting the account and press the back button to go to the main menu and let the phone rest for a while to coordinate the new setting

Step 6: Click on Settings

After sometimes, again you will need to click on the settings option appears in the menu list

Step 7: Click on the Account and Password

When you open the setting options just scroll down and click on the Accounts and Password icon

Step 8: Add Account

After you enter the Accounts and Password section and go to the Add Account option and then, click on it

Step 9: Select from the list of the email providers

When you click on the Add account option and you will see a list of email ID providers such as Ymail, Gmail, AOL and etc. Choose the AOL Account that is giving you issues.

Step 10: Sign In

When you choose the email provider which you want and they will ask for the username and password. Enter the important details and your problem of My AOL Mail isn’t Responding will be now solved.

Below are the other possible solves to fix imap.aol.com isn’t responding iPhone:

Method 1: Try to refresh the inbox again: In most of the cases, the set back can be because of the poor internet connection or bad connection to the server. It is advisable to pull down your inbox to refresh your content

Method 1: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode: Sometimes, disabling your wireless transmission function like cellular voice and data can fix your issue. Therefore, turn Airplane Mode on and off.

Method 1: Quit the Mail App: Sometimes, there could be an issue in the Mail app itself. It is best to restart the Mail app and refresh your email inbox or just call the team at AOL Help for instant and reliable help.

Check your Internet connection: Make sure that you have a strong internet connection and if your signal is too weak then, you might come around error messages while trying to refresh your email inbox. Try to get closer to the safe and secure connection and check afterward.