What process to follow for fixing the AOL issue mail message has no content?

29 August 2020

AOL mail users are generally seen very happy with the services and the features that the AOL mail service provides them with, the service has always been very easy or everyone to use also it has served its best as it came to proper establishment of communication among the people.

AOL most of the time triumphs over other email services in terms of the features that it provides the users with and also in terms of its technological advancements and also because of the easy to use user interface that it has. But as there is this involvement of technology therefore, one cannot really avoid technical glitches a few of them occurring here and there cannot be stopped.

Though this is the case with every technical product or service still an email service more often falls prey to such technical issues maybe it is so because this particular technical service is used more by the people as compared to other technical products. There are many common technical glitches that the AOL mail users come across but here we will particularly focus on the resolution process of the problem AOL mail message has no content.

The problem that is here in the question is not actually something associated with the AOL mail service this problem generally occurs on the Apple devices in the mail application. So, to get rid of this error the user needs to focus on fixing the mail application.

What process to follow for fixing the AOL issue mail message has no content?

The application should be closed forcefully and should be launched again:

• The user should first of all quit the application.
• The user should then swipe left or right in order to search for the mail application.
• The device should then be given a restart.
• The user should then open the mail application.
• All the trashes of the email accounts should be cleared:
• The user should open the mail application.
• After that, in the upper left corner, the user should click on the option “Mailboxes.”
• Then the user should scroll down and should click on the trash icon.
• Then from the upper right corner, the user should click on “Edit.”
• After that, the user should click the option “delete all”
• The action of deletion should be confirmed.
• The same process should be repeated for all the mail accounts.

If the problem still continues as it is if the message is still on the display then in that case, it is advised to conduct a hard reset on the Apple device. After the proper conduct of the reset, the problem will be resolved for sure. Other than this if there is any other problem that is actually related to the AOL mail account functioning then in that case the user should get in touch with the AOL technicians at AOL mail support number UK.