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AOL mail application not working on android:

03 September 2020

AOL mail is very easy to be used it is the best for the exchange of emails and for the maintenance of the proper communication streak. The mail service is efficient in its workings in every aspect, be it regarding compatibility or be it regarding the ease at which the features of the user interface of the service are seen working.

By compatibility we mean that the AOL mail service can be taken into use on the computer, android, and as well as on the Mac device and also on other Apple brand devices. One can use it on any of these through the web browser or through the AOL mail application. If AOL mail UK is to be used on an android device then the best way to use it is through the AOL mail android application, the user can download this application from the Google play store that is there on the android device.

Though the user interface of this application is easy to understand and is also very easy to be used but still due to the involvement of so many technicalities it sometimes gets the user stuck with its workings. So here we will see all that should be done by the user in such a case for getting the application back to normal working.

AOL mail application not working on android:

The steps that should be taken by the users for getting back the AOL mail application back to working on android are as follows:

Get the device software updated:The user should check and should get the software of the android phone updated to the latest version. The user can get this done on the phone through the settings application.

Stop and restart AOL application: For forcefully stopping and restarting the AOL mail application on android the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should open the settings application.
• Then should click the options “app.”
• The user should further click the option “force stop.”
• The user should further confirm the force stop prompt.
• The application should be launched again to check if it is back to normal working.

Delete and reinstall the application: The user should also conduct a reinstallation of the AOL mail application after deleting it for that should follow the given steps:

• The user should open the settings application.
• Further should click the option “apps.”
• From the list of apps the user should click on “AOL”
• Then from the options should choose “uninstall.”
• After that, the user should click on “ok.”

Once the application has been removed from the android device completely the user should then download it again from the Google play store and the application should be installed on the device once again. By following all these given solutions the AOL mail application will be back to normal working. If other than this any other issue is to be resolved then the user should get in touch with the experts at AOL support number UK.