AOL Mail: Simple, Safe and Kids-Friendly Email

03 July 2020

AOL Mail has become the best and free email service with a child-oriented Web Portal and it not only provides music, movies, games, and other stuff aimed at tweens and teens but also free email accounts with the strong and powerful parental control and therefore AOL becomes KOL (AOL+KID = KOL). By default, KOL lets the users from all senders to come through to the account of your child and but you can set up a filter to allow the only trusted and known senders.

The better approach for kids and in the ‘Spam Filters by Address’ menu, you will need to select Allow only from addresses/specify. Now, enter the address for every person who is permitted to email your child, and click on the Add after each one. If your little one gets a message from someone not on the list, the server will delete it automatically or route it to the Spam folder, based on which option you choose and make sure that AOL also allows blocking any mail that has files or pictures.

When you have completed the sign-up process, you will need to download and install the Windows-only Parental Control software of AOL. With the step done, return to the Parental Controls Website, where you will see a green Settings for your accounts. Here, click on the Edit option that appears next to the account of your child and after that, scroll down to the Email Controls box and then, click on Edit Email Settings.

KOL is a complete web-based email program that allows the parents to select between blacklist (that blocks out specific un-trusted and unwanted senders), white list (limiting use to list of the approved senders). The site provides advanced parent controls and filters, like time limits, parent blind carbon copies, and the capability to block the images and certain types of attachments. You are permitted up to four child mails per adult account.

AOL Mail: Simple, Safe and Kids-Friendly Email

Another excellent feature is that you can easily differentiate between child and teen accounts and provide more freedom (while still offering age-appropriate protection) as kids grow up. Apart from this, emails that fail the “safety rules” you setup go to an email line that you can review. That way, you will see that is attempting contact with your child ad have the opportunity to let via those that merit approval or continue for blocking them.

Monitoring the Content

Apart from settings, parental controls on the device of your child and the next safety layer of the parents and caregivers should strongly consider is a monitoring solution to measure the content their kids encounter around the text messages, email, and social media. AOL can do this for you and in AOL email, Bark helps to monitor your child sends and receives including attachments for analysis of troublesome content. If you would like to see a detailed list of everything AOL can monitor.

AOL offers excellent controls that are easy and simple to use and provide ample flexibility and are free as a part of the service. It is advisable for parents to get involved and take an active role in what their kids are doing online. The Parental Control of the AOL is available at no extra cost to all AOL Members at Keyword: Parental Controls. The tools will let the parents select the level of Internet access as the fee is most appropriate for every child. It provides the parents' flexibility to further modify the online experience of their child via AOL Custom Controls, which allows the parents to adjust specific activities like Internet access, char, email, newsgroups, and file downloads. With the fiver screen names per AOL Account, the parents can offer each child with their own screen name as well as customized parental controls. These controls can be updated at any time as the child natures and only the master account holder can change or establish the Parental Controls therefore, AOL suggests that the parent name themselves the master account holder and then, keep their passwords strictly to themselves.

These are a few things and features of AOL kids' mail. If you want to know more about this email service then, it is recommended to get connected with the technical experts at AOL Support Number UK for instant and reliable help. The teams are always there to help you and serve their best in providing an excellent solution to you.