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How to maintain privacy on Facebook?

14 March 2019

Facebook is the biggest social Networking service providing company that is based in the USA; Facebook is counted among the 4 biggest technology companies along with Google...

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How to resolve some common HP laptop screen issues?

11 March 2019

HP is a company that came into light in the year 1939, from then it started spreading its wings all over the world and in today’s time this is a company known as one of the leading manufacturers in the IT field...

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How to troubleshoot I phone X?

01 March 2019

Apple is a leading brand known these days, it provides the user with I phones, I pads, laptops and a lot such updated advanced products. This discovery of steve Jobs, steve Wozniak and Ronald is a brand that is showing continuous developments in terms of technologies...

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How to fix various Mac start up problems?

18 February 2019

Apple is a trusted brand name known in the market of electronics, the products manufactured under the Apple banner are known in the market for their advanced technical set up and also for their user friendly features...

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