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Can I access my old Hotmail account?

24 June 2020

All of us know this very well by now that Hotmail is now included with the Outlook and is now much more advanced and updated as compared to the earlier days in terms of features and also in terms of its technical setup.

But technological advancement and update of the features in such services on one hand makes things easy and comfortable for the users but it also, on the other hand, puts those users into complication and confusion who are not that much aware of the new-age techniques and are not very much familiar with the workings of the features added to the setup. For all such users, it is best that they turn to the team of trained technical experts in case of Hotmail the experts can be contacted for help at Hotmail Support Number UK.

Here we will focus on the resolution of the most common problem that the Hotmail users are facing since the service has been merged with Outlook. Ever since Hotmail has been merged with Outlook the users are often seen asking whether or not they can still access their old Hotmail accounts the answer to this is a yes, if still, the users are facing problem with the access of their old Hotmail account then, in that case, they should follow the below-given steps for easy access of the same:

Can I access my old Hotmail account?

• Open the email account of Outlook.
• There in the Outlook email account enter the Hotmail Email ID.
• Enter the password in the next field.
• If you still fail to access the account then get your Hotmail account upgraded by following the on-screen instructions.
• Enter profile name along with the phone number and then click the continue button.
• Enter details for setting up SMTP and IMAP.
• Further, click the “add button” and click the SSL mail server.
• Enter password in the field in order to complete the procedure.

The user will then be able to easily access the old Hotmail account, if even after following the above-given procedure there is still something that is troubling the Hotmail users then the best option for them is to ask help from the team of certified technicians available at Hotmail Help Number UK. The technicians can also be reached out for help through live chats and emails the technicians are well versed with all Hotmail related technologies and features.