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How to fix a dell laptop or a computer that is not responding?

Dell laptops and computers are very popular among the users; this is the most trusted brand name and is also the oldest of all in the market of Laptops and computers. But, as these are technical products and are based on many advanced updated technologies therefore few problems here and there are just unavoidable. But, yes with proper guidance and support from the right source can easily get the issue fixed.

Such as here in this case if your Dell laptop or your computer is not responding then for solution to that it is advisable that the user conducts a hard reset on the laptop as well as the computer.

For conducting a dell laptop reset or a computer reset one should follow the below given steps- Note- A hard factory reset of the laptop or the computer will erase all the data that is stored , therefore it is advisable that before starting the procedure one should get a back up created for all the important files.

For creating a back up for the files and data follow the below given steps-

• Click the start icon on the screen then click the control panel
• Click the option “system and maintenance “and click the option “Backup and restore center” in the control panel window that appears.
• Then under the backup files or your entire computer , click the option “backup files”
• On the page “Where do you want to save your back up” select a location as per the needs.
• Click “next”
• On the page “which file types do you want to back up” select the files that are to be saved as backup.
     - Once you see the “back up complete” message then proceed to next step.

Remove all essential components –

• Scanner
• Printer
• Modem, network cables
• Personal digital assistant
• USB flash drive
• Hard drive
• Any other external devices

Restore the computer’s software –

• Turn on the system or the laptop
• Press F8 on the keyboard
• Advanced Boot options menu will appear
• Press down arrow on your keyboard in order to select “repair your computer” on the “advanced boot options” and then press enter
• Select language settings and click “next”
• Log in with admin permissions
• Click” Dell factory image restore”
• In the window that appears click “next”
• Click and select the check box
• Click next
• As the restore procedures completes click finish and then restart your system.

In order to restore personal data and files from backups follow the below given steps-

• Click start on the screen then go to control panel
• In the control panel window click system and maintenance further click “backup and restore center”
• Under the option “restore files or entire computer” click the option “advanced restore”
• As you go to “what do you want to restore page?”click the option “file from a back up made on a different computer” then click “next”
• Search for the backup created and then click “next”
• As you go to the “select files and folder to restore” page then click “restore everything in this backup” further click “next”

Once the user will conduct the above given procedure the Dell laptop or his system will be back to normal responding.