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Family Tree Maker with Windows 10

13 July 2020

Family Tree Maker is the best genealogy software and it comes with excellent features that enhance the experience of the users. This software program is easy to operate due to its simple interface. Most people prefer to use the Windows operating system and all of them have a question that is Family Tree Maker compatible with Windows 10. As per the compatibility for Family Tree Maker, it is compatible with Windows 10. For any application that isn’t compatible with Windows 10, you might try to install it in the compatibility mode and check if it works. If not then, in that case, call on FTM Support UK to get in touch with the experts for help regarding the compatibility issue.

For the compatibility issue, you will need to check that you are using an updated version of Family Tree Maker. If you have an older version of this software program, a discounted offer to upgrade is being offered.

Now, the question arises, will TreeSync still work in the updated version? Then in that case, as per the update email, TreeSync will continue to work after the update. MacKiev will be retiring the advanced version of TreeSync eventually but will replace it with an updated version before they do. This a big relief since many of us count on that feature for a flawless integration between devices and to more simply back up our ancestry records.

Does Family Tree Maker support Windows 10?

The decision about whether or not to update is yours but provided the current problems many have been having with FTM and older versions, this update seems such as a great idea. It promises to offer much-required speed and stability, and will no doubt be needed for any further upgrades or updates. There might be some problems, as there usually are with updates, but the MacKeiv’s release of an old version of this update likely helped them to fix many of these issues before offering the new, and stable version.

Updating Family Tree Maker

If you received the update email from Software MacKiev and read it carefully and follow the on-screen prompts. Before updating Family Tree Maker, you will need to follow a few things to avoid any update issue.

Make sure you have your version installed- The update will look for an installed version to update. If you deleted your copy at some point.

Conduct a manual backup of your tree with media- This is always a good idea every time you update. For this, simply choose “Backup” under the “File” menu link that appears in the upper left-hand corner of Family Tree Maker. Make sure you give your file a new name, like Your Tree Backup 0117, and don’t forget to make sure the media checkbox is chosen and this only takes a moment.

Don’t unlink your tree from Ancestry. The update will move your link to the latest version. The update process is fairly simple and verifies your registration and after that, follow the ordering steps provided by MacKiev. They will prompt you to fill out an order form for your free update, will available you with some add-on items to consider before finishing your “Purchase”, and after that, provide you with a download link.

When you have downloaded the new update, make sure your copy of Family Tree Maker is closed and run the offered installer. An install wizard will walk you through the required steps. Call on Family Tree Maker Support Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for instant and reliable support regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.