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Hotmail is the most popular free online email service offered by Microsoft. This webmail service can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any web browser the user should just have a system with an internet connection. This service was founded in the year 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. Then later in the year 1997 Microsoft took over Hotmail.

Features provided by Hotmail

• Sorted Inbox - Hotmail is designed in a way that it keeps itself informed of the user’s behavior and then according to that it keeps the important Emails of the user in easy access and maintains another folder for other mails.

• Spam filter - Hotmail is very effective at scanning spam Emails and it keeps those Emails away in a separate folder.

• Large attachments – Hotmail allows the users to send 100 MB attachments and also the user can send bigger attachments through one drive.

• Automatic reminders – Hotmail is designed for automatically reminding the users about important events as well as Emails

• One drive – One drive is a very attractive feature that allows the users to download and also send attachments and contents that are bigger than 100 MB in size.

• Gmail Integration – This feature allows the user to easily use Gmail ID through Hotmail inbox.

• Add-ins - The add INS allow the user to add more power to their inbox.

These webmail services have a lot of technologies associated with the setup and thus the users from nontechnical background do get stuck with issues sometimes. In order to get those issues resolved easily, the users should get connected with the team of experts.

Common issues associated with Hotmail

• Hotmail log in issues
• Hotmail sign-in issues
• Hotmail not working
• Hotmail not receiving mails

• Password related issues
• Recovery of blocked account
• Set up of account on android
• Hotmail account configuration

• Signature creation
• Account deletion
• Hotmail configuration on iPhone
• Email sending issues

How to resolve Hotmail server error?

In order to resolve Hotmail server error, the user should follow the given steps –

• Ensure that the browser is updated to the latest version
• The network connection should be stable
• The system should be updated
• The antivirus running on the system should be disabled

If the server error still continues then in that case a reconfiguration of the service should be conducted.

How to enable pop access on Hotmail?

In order to enable pop access on Hotmail, the user should follow the given steps –

• Log in Hotmail account
• Then click “settings” and then select “options”
• From the list of options select “connect devices and apps with POP.
• Enable the POP.

The above-given procedure if followed accurately then it will easily get the POP service enabled.

• Guidance for password recovery procedure
• Guidance for resolving server errors
• Account set up assistance
• Settings configuration assistance

• Help with the Pop enabling procedure
• Resolution for sending issues
• Resolution for Email receiving issues
• Solution for login issues

• Solution for sign-in issues
• Account deletion assistance
• Hotmail update issues

What makes us best for Hotmail support?

• Experiencing trouble while installation, uninstallation or update
• Facing issue while activating
• Issue with error codes
• Antivirus is not responding
• Antivirus working slowly on the system

The technicians working with our technical department are trained by the leading institutes and also they are given the proper experience of the field during the training period. Also, we provide help 24*7 and we thus make it easier for the user to get instant solutions for all the issues related to Hotmail.