How can I change between full and basic yahoo mail versions?

29 June 2020

Yahoo being the most popular email service has its own points for being the choice of the users the email service setup comes with a lot of features in store for the users, but keeping in mind the ease of the users' Yahoo has come up with two different versions one is completely loaded with the latest features and many more advanced technicalities and yes this is the version that is recommended by yahoo because of all the advancement and latest features and techniques that it offers to the users.

The features that are offered by the full version of yahoo mail account are as follows:

• Messages organized as per conversations.
• Customized themes.
• One can see images attached in the form of a slide view format.
• Inline image attachments.

But for those who are not very much well versed with the techniques ad features and with all the advancement that is associated with it they can still use the basic version of the yahoo mail also there are some minimum system requirements for using the full advanced version of yahoo mail if the system doesn’t fulfill them then still it is needed that the user uses the basic version of the mail service.

Here, with the help of the experts at yahoo mail UK we will see the process through which one can easily switch from full to the basic version of yahoo mail.

 How can I change between full and basic yahoo mail versions?

In order to switch to the basic yahoo mail version it is advised that the user follows the given steps:

• Log in yahoo mail.
• Click on the gear icon in order to open the settings menu.
• Then as the settings dialog box appears the user should click the option “viewing mail.”
• Then in the viewing mail screen, the user should go to the version section and should there click on “Basic.”
• Further, click the option “save” located in the lower-left side of the settings dialog box.
• The yahoo mail will then refresh and will start displaying the basic version.

Now if in case the user wants to switch from the basic version of the mail service to the advanced full-featured version then for that the user should follow below given steps:

• First of all the minimum system requirements should be checked.
• Then the user should log in to the yahoo account.
• Then on the basic yahoo mail screen, the user should click the yahoo mail link given at the upper right side.

Note:Switching between the mail versions not at all effects the email messages sent and received from the yahoo mail service.

A version selected once from the settings will automatically open on whichever browser or system the user would log in the yahoo account there is no need of switching between the versions even if the user is logging in the account on some other browser instead of the default one or even if the user is logging in to some other computer that does not belong to him or her.

We have discussed all the details regarding the change of the yahoo mail version, but still, if the user gets stuck into any sort of problem during the process then the user should reach out to the technical team for help at yahoo contact number UK. Lines are open all the time also the user can ask help regarding some other yahoo related problem as well if in case any such need arises, the technicians are well versed in handling all the possible yahoo mail issues and errors.