How can I recover my Facebook account without phone number?

26 May 2020

Facebook is today’s time has become an important part of everyone’s life it has made communication even more simple for the people. Facebook is designed in a way that even if the person doesn’t get time to communicate still the person can keep itself well connected and well updated about the activities of his friends. Other than that Facebook also provides the users with all the important information as well as news about what all is happening around the world.

But the Facebook setup has many technicalities associated with its workings, therefore, the users are sometimes seen struggling with the basic procedures like installation, reinstallation, uninstalling, login process, sign up process and a lot more, for easy and instant resolutions to all these issues it is advisable that the user gets connected with the experts they are available for the service of the users at Facebook Support Number UK.

How can I recover my Facebook account without phone number?

It often happens that the user forgets the password of his account in such cases, recovery of the account gets tricky most of the times, also sometimes it happens that the user also forgets or loses the phone number that was registered during the sign up of the account. Here we will see the process of Facebook account recovery without the phone number.

In such a case the user can recover the account using the alternate phone number or the alternate email ID that is listed on the account. In order to get the alternative information the user should –

• Open on the browser and should further follow the steps.
• The user should try the recovery process from a device or a computer that was in use earlier.
• Once the user gets back into the account then should conduct a reset of the password.

The user can still recover the Facebook account without a phone number if he or she has access of the email that was registered with Facebook during the sign-up procedure.

The experts at Facebook Contact number UK are the best choice if by any chance the account recovery procedure is still troubling the user, the lines are open for the users all the time also the technicians are available for the users on live chats as well as Emails. Other than providing the account recovery tricks the experts are also capable of handling other Facebook-related technical issues if in case such a need ever arises.