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How often are Facebook servers being hacked?

04 August 2020

Facebook has actually suffered its most serious security break till date as accounts of over 50 million people have been hacked. The accounts which have been compromised or hacked include the Facebook account of the CEO of the company Mark Zuckerberg and the account of chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg. Facebook has said that an additional 40 million accounts also were at hacking risk. The Facebook Server security breach is because of a bug in View as feature that has now been resolved. Although, as a Facebook users you still need to be very careful.

Before, moving ahead more about what you need to do to keep your account safe and secure so let’s address the main question that how to know that your Facebook account is in the 50 million or rather than 90 million accounts which have been affected?

The Facebook breach, and the security bug that the social media company has found, affects the safety and security tokens, these are the tokens which relate with a Facebook account and after that, allow the apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or Tinder to integrate to Facebook servers. The tokens are issued when you login to an app or Facebook account and remain linked with your account unless you don’t sign out.

To contain the security breach, Facebook has revoked all the affected security tokens. In other words, it means that your Facebook account is in 90 million affected accounts and you would have found yourself logged out compulsorily from Facebook website or app on Friday night (India Time). Facebook so far has said that the passwords haven’t been affected or stolen, therefore you don’t need to change the passwords but more on this later.

How often are Facebook servers being hacked?

Steps to Secure Facebook Account

Now, the second part is the one where you will need to understand what you can do to secure your Facebook account. Given how big this is a Facebook breach and the hackers not only got into 50 million accounts. They can also potentially stole security tokens for other accounts and everyone should change their Facebook password. Whether you are one of the users who were logged out of Facebook last night or not then, you should go into the Facebook settings and change your password quickly. This is step one and the next step you should take care.

Check Your Connected Apps: Facebook Security tokens are widely used by not just Facebook but also by many other apps and websites such as Jabong, Tinder, or Runtastic where you have used Facebook ID. Well, if the tokens have been revoked, something Facebook says has been done; you will also find yourself logged out of these applications. But just to be safe and secure, you should go to the Facebook security settings. Just do it by logging into the Facebook account and then, go to Settings and Apps and then, Websites. Here, you will get a list of third-party applications and websites by using your Facebook ID. Just choose the ones which you don’t use anymore or the ones which you find shady. After that, remove access and in fact, revoke access to all websites and apps and after that sign in again when required.

Use 2-factor authentication: This is for the next step or you can say further. Although it isn’t perfect – Mark Zuckerberg got hacked in the advanced breach and he must be using 2-factor authentication and that is obvious. Turning on this feature makes your account more safe and secure.

Here is how you can do it, first of all, login to your account > Settings > Security and Login > Two-Factor Authentication. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

If nothing has worked then, you will have to call on Facebook Support UK to get in touch with the technical experts for instant help. The teams will take strong action and will get your Facebook account back immediately. They also will help you to keep your account safe and secure for further convenience.