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Effective Ways to Backup Yahoo Mail

22 July 2020

There are so many reasons due to which you will need to backup your Yahoo account, you might wish to sort through o0r share information that was in it offline, or just want additional security, in case of the account getting compromised in one way or another. Possibly you want to migrate your correspondence to another platform completely and want to take all your old emails with you. Might be you just want to get said account in order and get rid of a heap of mock emails that keep cluttering it, but at the same, you don’t want to lose potentially valuable correspondence permanently. Whatever the reason might, you find yourself in requirement of a digital copy of your Yahoo email correspondence and you are lucky.

Export your Yahoo contacts:

If you want to export just your Yahoo Mail Backup contacts, there is a quick and simple way to do that, you will need to,

• Login to your Yahoo mail and go to the “Contacts” menu option
• Now choose “Tools” and click on “Export”
• You will now be provided the option to export to Outlook, vCard, Thunderbird, or as a “.csv” file. CSV is suggested because it is a common file type that is almost universally recognized and can be imported into most apps or programs that a user would want to import their list of contacts
• Proceed to “Export” your Yahoo mail contacts and choose Save File
• Choose the folder in which you want to save you.CSV file
• Complete the process just by clicking on “Ok”

How to Backup Yahoo Mail in a quick way?

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Backup your Yahoo Emails

Since Yahoo doesn’t have a feature that permits the users to directly export emails, you are going to have to jump via some hoops to get it done. Don’t panic! There is a simple way to do so and just follow the steps in the two-part guide that are given below

Synchronize Your Yahoo Account with a Google Account

One of the easiest ways to export your Yahoo emails is to use a service to synchronize the account which you want to export to the Gmail account of your choice. For the purpose of this particular guide, you will need to use a service that is more comfortable and familiar to you.

• First of all, go to cloudHQ
• Choose the Yahoo Mail icon
• Enter the username and password and after that, click on “Add Yahoo Mail” to add a new Yahoo account
• Choose “Backup or migration of all Yahoo mails”
• Choose, “Next Step” and choose the “Gmail” icon
• Select “Add Gmail” to add a new Gmail Account

You will be now prompted to authorize cloudHQ to get access to your account and you will need to follow this in order to proceed:

• When you authorize access to your Gmail account, synchronization should start automatically, with the status of synchronization status being appears quickly after the original synchronization
• You will need to also get an email confirming the success of the initial synchronization of your Yahoo account to your Gmail account

Follow the above-given steps very carefully by making sure that you have a strong network connection and call on Yahoo Support Number to get connected with the technical experts for instant and reliable help.