Personalize AOL Desktop Gold Contacts Group

01 May 2020

AOL Desktop Gold is profligate software for the users of AOL. For the ease of the users, AOL provides AOL Email, videos, music, and other amazing things are there. Apart from various surprising features, one Address Book feature of this software allows the users to keep track of email addresses, phone numbers, and many other things. Even you can sort all these things conveniently and when you want to. In this guide, you will learn the contact groups in AOL Desktop Gold mail.

Edit, Add and Delete Contacts Groups in AOL Desktop Gold Mail

According to your preference, you easily can edit, update, add, and delete contact groups in AOL Desktop gold mail. If you aren’t aware of the procedure to do that in the right way then you have to read this post and it is not as tough as it seems to you. Let’s have a look at the steps to add, edit, update, export, import contacts in your AOL Desktop Gold mail address book.

How to Customize Contacts Groups in AOL Desktop Gold Mail?

Follow the given steps to add a group in AOL Gold:

• First of all, open AOL Desktop Gold that appears at the top menu bar and clicks on the mail
• Go to address book and in the left column below you will see categories
• From this category and click on groups
• Tap on group options and select add group
• Write all the detail which you want to enter for your group
• Once all done, then click on save to create a group successfully

Now, let’s move ahead with the steps to edit a group

• First of all, start AOL Desktop Gold and again from the top menu bar just go to Mail
• Choose Address Book from the email
• In the left column, you will see the name of your existing group
• Click on the name of the group which you want to edit
• Tap on the Group Options and then, select Edit Group option
• In the available domains, make changes which you want
• At last, just click on the Save option to save the editing

Move ahead to delete a group in AOL Desktop Gold

• After starting AOL Desktop Gold, click on the mail that appears on the top menu bar
• From the top menu bar just go for Address Book
• In the left column, you will see your existing groups. Simply tap on the name of the group which you want to delete
• Tap on the group options and from the list of options just choose Delete Group
• When asked then, click on Yes to confirm

How to Update Contacts?

• From your AOL Mail inbox and click on Contacts in the left panel
• Choose the contact which you would like to edit
• Click on Edit and update the essential details and click on Save

How to Import Contacts?

• From the AOL Mail inbox, click on Contacts in the left panel
• Above of your contact lists, click on More and Import
• Browse for the saved file in your computer and click on Import

How to Export Contacts

• First of all, from your AOL Mail inbox, click on Contacts in the left panel
• Above your contact list, click on More and then, Export
• Now, choose your file type and if not sure then, choose CSV
• In the end, just click on Export and close the tab to complete the procedure

Follow the above-given steps carefully to manage all contacts in AOL Desktop Gold Mail. If you are experiencing any issue or if AOL is troubling you while doing these steps then, call on AOL Helpline Number in UK to get in touch with the technical experts. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can.