How to enable dark mode in Hotmail’s mobile app?

25 July 2020

It is true that using email service is very essential and for that, you always check your mobile phone even at night or early morning. A flashy theme will undoubtedly harm your eyesight and by keeping it in mind Microsoft has added the revered ark mode feature to its suite of apps. The biggest name of this action is Outlook, and it looks really very great and attractive. The dark mode is slowly rolling out which means only some people have it right now and so it is time to check and see if you have enabled dark mode on Outlook. If not, then don’t worry in this guide, we will discuss some exact procedure to enable dark mode in Hotmail’s mobile app in a very few steps. It will not be long before dark mode will be a standard and best feature among all major apps with a master toggle that is effective in helping us globally switch the dark UI on. In fact, Android 10 and iOS 13 both have just added a global dark mode. But until then, there is still a need to manually enable dark mode on. With the dark mode, your eyes will be less strained and you get new cool looking dark UI, as well as you even stand to save some battery life. Before moving ahead with the procedures to enable Dark Mode, you will need to Update Outlook because an old version might not support the Dark mode theme.

Step 1: Update Outlook

The dark mode feature has not reached all users yet. To enhance your possibility of getting it, you will need to update Outlook and for that, you will need to follow a few steps given below to update your Hotmail app.

To update Outlook manually, you can make Microsoft check online for any available updates and also install it

• First of all, open Microsoft Outlook and then, click on “File”
• In the navigation panel, click on “Office Account”
• Now, click on “Update Options and then, click on “Update Now”
• When you updated your Outlook app then you are able to enable Dark Mode.

How to enable dark mode in Hotmail’s mobile app?

Step 2: Turn on Dark Mode:

First of all, start the Outlook app and then, you will need to tap on the hamburger option (three dash icon) that appears in the top-left of the screen. In the bottom-left corner of the drawer, tap on the settings icon. Now, from the “Settings” page, just scroll all the way down to get the “Preferences” section.

Now, tap on the “theme” option and after you do this, a popup will then appear by providing you the option to enable the dark mode. Here, you will need to turn on the dark mode and if you would prefer, you can tap on “Set by Battery Saver” to have dark mode vigorously turn on based on if your phone is in battery save mode.

Step 3: Explore Dark Mode

As you already know that, the dark mode has been successfully enabled and you can see the whole app has a dark theme that is actually very attractive. The header is a dark gray but the body of the app is an OLED- friendly black. It applies to the main inbox, individual emails, and even the calendar.

These are very simple steps that you have to follow to enable Dark Mode. If you are facing any issue while conducting these steps then, in that case, it is recommended to get in touch with the technical experts at Hotmail Support UK. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams have complete knowledge of Hotmail so they definitely will help you out. IPhone users, make sure that the Outlook’s dark mode has not rolled yet but it is expected that it will come soon. Till then, you can use Smart Invert to make Outlook match iOS Dark mode.