How to export family tree from the family tree maker?

02 September 2020

Having all the information related to the family stored at a safe place on the internet through software has many advantages such as through the internet it becomes easy for the users of the software to access the information as and when needed from any part of the world. Also, as all the information is kept at one single place therefore it becomes easy for the generations to get a glimpse of their ancestors and also it becomes easy for them to understand all the important information that is associated with the family.

There are many software all around the world that are serving this purpose but out of all those, the most popular and the one that is considered the best is, Family Tree Maker. If we go by what is said by the experts at Family Tree Maker support service UK regarding the software then it is to be believed that the software contains all the advantages that are discussed in the paragraph above. Other than that the software also has the advantage or one can say a feature through which the user can easily export all the family tree data from the family tree maker to wherever it is needed.

How to export family tree from the family tree maker?

But sometimes the users of the software do get into trouble with the proper conduct of certain procedures and this happens because sometimes the technical advancement of the software leads to complications and those can only be best handled under the proper guidance of a technician. Mostly the users are seen struggling during the process of data export therefore here the focus is on providing easy guidelines to the users for the conduct of the export process.

In order to conduct a smooth export of the family tree from the tree maker software the user should follow the given steps:

Synchronize member tree with FTM software: In order to get the member tree synchronized the user should follow given steps:

• The user should open the linked tree on the family tree maker.
• The user should then click the green leaf icon that has the up and down arrow.
• The user should further click the option “sync now.”

Once the user is done with the process of synchronization then further the user should decide if it is the whole data of the tree that is to be exported or just some part of the data that is stored on the Family Tree Maker is to be exported. As the choice of that would decide the further steps that the user would need to take towards the process of family tree data export.

Specify the file format: After the part of the family tree data that is to be exported is decided the user should then move further and should decide the format of the file that would be the output of the whole process.

Select data to be included in the file: Here the user will have to decide what all is to be displayed regarding the family in the public’s eyes and what of it all is to be given a private setting. Such as if a user will give private settings to the information associated with the living people of the family then only their names will be visible to the people who will look up to the family tree.

Folder selection on the computer: After all of it the step of selecting a folder for saving all the family tree data on the computer is the last thing to be done. The user should get a folder created with a name and after the completion of the export process the user should click on “ok.”

So this is the way of exporting all the family tree data from the family tree maker software with ease, if the user gets stuck somewhere with the procedure or if there is some other issue related to the software that is to be resolved then in that case the user should get in touch with the technical team at Family tree Maker Helpline Service UK. The lines are kept open 24*7 that is all the time and also one can connect with the team through live chats as well as emails.