How to fix the problem “Facebook videos not playing”?

10 July 2020

Facebook had become an integral part of everyone’s life over the time with all the development and advancement in technologies facebook has acquired many latest features and has become the favorite social platform for many for not just fulfilling the communication needs but also all the other activities can be conducted very smoothly on Facebook.

The users can share all types of media such as photos, documents, and also videos with a large number of people all at once. This makes the process of sharing less time consuming and also the users of Facebook get to read content coming from all corners of the world this makes it easy for everyone to gain knowledge.

Here, with the help of the Facebook experts available at Facebook support number UK, we will see the reasons and resolutions for the problem if videos stop playing on it.

How to fix the problem “Facebook videos not playing”?

If Facebook stops playing videos then to get this issue fixed the user should take the following measures:

Reopening and Refreshing the browser: The most common reason for this issue is the browser not responding therefore as a fix the user should reopen the browser or should get it refreshed the issue will be resolved most probably and the user will be able to play videos on Facebook.

Check the Network: Another common reason for the videos not playing is the Internet connection issue for resolving that the user should get the router restarted also the modem connection should be checked after that the user should again try to play the video.

Clear the cache: Another possible reason for the videos not playing on Facebook can be the cache and cookies in the browser it is recommended to get all of it cleared and after that, the user should try playing the video again.

Adobe Flash player update: The videos are always played with the help of the Adobe Flash Player therefore it should be updated to the latest version all the time for smooth use of it.

Updated Browser: For smooth playing of the video needs the latest version of the browser to be installed on the system.

Video Removed: There is also a possibility for the video being removed from the Facebook, this happens if the video violates the guidelines or there is also a possibility that it has been removed by the person who posted it due to some personal or some other reason.

Offline Playback: If the user still fails to play the video then, in that case, it is advised to get it downloaded and then play it offline.

If you need help regarding the fix of any other problem related to Facebook then in that case it is recommended to go to the experts at Facebook help number UK.