Forward Hotmail Email from Another Account

24 August 2020

Hotmail, as we all know and as its name suggests, is an easy to use mail service that has been running under the name of Microsoft for ages now, and as it is a service offered under the name as big as Microsoft, therefore, it is obvious that the service would be a lot more than just of the use for exchanging emails and maintaining communication.

As it is Microsoft so there is also a lot of advancement associated with the technicalities involved with its setup, these technicalities may further lead to many complications in the workings of the email service if not handled properly and it is not all easy or we should say possible for people from non-technical backgrounds to handle the Hotmail email service properly.

By handling the email service it is meant that being a hub of various latest technologies the workings of the service often get affected by some technical glitch and fixing that glitch often becomes impossible for the users due to no technical knowledge. The users with zero knowledge of techniques are often seen struggling even with the basics while using Hotmail so here for all such users we will discuss in detail the process that should be followed to forward email from Hotmail to another account.

 How to forward email from Hotmail to another account?

In order to smoothly conduct the forward of an email from Hotmail to another account the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should log in email through Hotmail login page on the browser.
• Then in the Hotmail account as it opens the user should click the gear-shaped “Settings” icon.
• Then the user should select the option “View all outlook settings.”
• After that, the user should move to the “Mail forwarding “option.
• The user should then enable forwarding by putting a checkmark in the box.
• The user should then enter an email address of the account to which the mail is to be forwarded in “forward my email to” field.
• The user should then click the “save” button for confirmation of the changes.

Following the given steps one can easily forward emails from Hotmail to any other account be it Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email service hosted account same steps are to be applied for the email to be sent to any other account. If there is still any sort of confusion regarding the conduct of the process or if there is any other Hotmail issue that is to be fixed then for that the user should take guidance from the technical team available at Hotmail Support Number UK.