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How to manage folders on AOL mail?

17 June 2020

AOL mail is easy to use mail service available for the users in the mail service market along with many other such services that allow easy exchange of Emails among the users. All thanks to the various email services as now a person only needs an internet connection and a computer or a device for sending and receiving emails among themselves.

Though there are many email services competing with each other for being the best out of all AOL mail service comes out as the most popular service as it offers the users with many advanced and updated features that make AOL even more useful for the users as the service then provides the users with many other communication sources other than just exchange of emails.

Here, with the help and all the information provided by technicians from AOL mail support number UK we will see the various procedures through which one can easily manage folders on the AOL mail.

How to manage folders on AOL mail?

First of all, let us see the process through which one can easily create folders in AOL mail account:

• The user should open the AOL mail service.
• On the interface in the left panel, the user should click on the add icon given right next to folders.
• In the given field the user should enter a name for the folder.
• The folder should then be saved by clicking the “Add” icon.

The AOL folder will then be created the user can add all the important emails that are sent or received through AOL in this folder and can thus keep the mailbox organized.

Now let us see the steps to be followed for changing the name on the folder that already exists:

• Open the AOL mail service user interface.
• There in the left click and open the settings menu through the icon given below the folders.
• Then in the field enter the new name.
• Click on “save.”

The name on the folder will then be changed as per the user’s preference if in case the user was getting confused with the folders because of the name then that confusion would be cleared out.

Now if due to any reason the user decides to delete an existing AOL mail folder then, in that case, it is advised that the user follows the given steps:

• Open the AOL mail user interface.
• Then under the folders in the left corner click the settings icon in order to open the settings menu.
• Further click on “delete.”
• A pop up for the confirmation of the deletion of the folder will appear on the screen if the folder will be containing some content in it.
• The user should click “ok” for the confirmation of the deletion.

The unwanted AOL mail folder will then be deleted from the AOL mail this will further help the users with a better organization of the AOL mails that will be sent and received.

Though all the procedures associated with the AOL mail folders are discussed here and these are the easiest ways of managing them but if a user still feels stuck somewhere then the user should go to the team of trained and certified technicians at AOL mail helpline number UK. The technicians can also be reached out for help over other issues and errors associated with the AOL mail service their expertise is not just limited to the management of the folders they are also very well capable of handling all the typical error codes and other basic processes associated with the mail service.