How to print copy of an email message in AOL?

12 August 2020

AOL mail is popular among the people for the purpose of communication through emails, with the help of the email service it has now become very easy and also instant for the people to communicate with each other all that is needed is an internet connection an android device, a computer, laptop or an IPad.

The user will just have to get an AOL mail account created with basic information and will then be able to talk to anyone through written emails. However, the advanced email services are not only limited to the written exchange of emails there is much more to it such as the feature of exchanging instant messages and much more. The same new features have to it the addition of the print of an email message.

With the help of the print feature that is provided to the users by the AOL mail, the user can easily get the mail message printed by following a simple procedure.

So, here for all those AOL mail users who are not from technical backgrounds, we will discuss in detail the same procedure of printing a copy of an email message in AOL.

How to print copy of an email message in AOL?

The procedure for the printing of an AOL mail message goes as follows:

• The user should log in to the AOL mail account or the messenger account.
• Further, the user should click on the message that is to be printed, in order to open it.
• Then from the toolbar above the message, the user should click the option “more.”
• Further, the user should click the option “print message.”
• After that, the user should click the option print after setting the print settings.

1.Note: If in case the user only wishes to print a particular part of the message and not the whole of it then, in that case, the user should get that particular part highlighted in the message.
1.Instead of choosing the print option from the “more menu”, through a lengthy process, the user can also simply click on the printer icon that is there in the upper right corner of the message window.

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