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How to remove history from AOL software?

26 August 2020

AOL is a service name that is more popular for the purpose of email exchange among the users and less for its other ventures in the world of internet but just s it is efficient with the email services similarly it is also efficient in its other services such as the AOL browsing software is a safe and secure source for surfing the internet, the software is very much similar to other browsing software such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If we get into the performance details of the browsing software then we can say that AOL is very fast in its workings and also has a lot of advanced and latest technologies and features associated with it. These technologies and features of the software give it a new identity of its own among all other browsers and also the browsing software works with a user interface that is very easy to be used and to be understood.

But just like the other browsing software AOL browser also stores the search history of the user this practice of keeping the history of the user saved further makes it easy for the user to search for particular information later also it helps the browser in understanding the preference of its user and this further helps the browser in giving fast search results to the user.

How to remove history from AOL software?

But it often happens that after a while the browser gets overloaded with the search history of the user and this further makes it slow therefore to avoid such situations the users are advised to clear the history of the browser regularly to ensure efficient working of the browser on the computer. Other than that clearing the search history regularly is also necessary for the sake of protecting one’s privacy.

Therefore, the experts are here to guide all the AOL browsing software users regarding the deletion of AOL history in simple steps.

In order to remove AOL browsing history smoothly the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should open the software.
• The user should click on the “Keyword” given on the AOL screen on the top.
• After that, a menu will open.
• From the menu that opens the user should click on the “Go to keyboard” option.
• Then as the box opens the user should enter there “browser settings.”
• After that, the user should click on “ok.”
• A window of browser settings will then appear on the screen.
• Then the user should click the option given near the top of the “browser settings” window.
• Then inside the window, the user should click the option “select footprints to clear.”
• After that, the user should click on the boxes given near “browsing history.”
• Further, the user should click the option “clear search history”
• Also, the cache and cookies should be cleared from the browser.
• After that, the user needs to click the option “Clear selected Footprints.”

The history of the AOL browser will then be removed, for any further help or information regarding anything associated with the brand name of AOL the user should ask expert’s help at AOL mail care service in UK.