How to resolve AOL Mail not working issue on iPhone?

02 July 2020

AOL mail is the best and free web-supported email service that is provided by AOL. Nowadays, the users are facing issues while using the AOL Mail. The users are complaining about this issue or one similar to this. Some of them claim that they are not able to login to their account. On the other hand, some of them always say that they can just see the loading screen. Some other claims that they aren’t even able to load the login page and in that case, we will discuss the exact procedure to fix this issue on iPhone. Call on AOL Number For Help to get in touch with the technical experts for instant and reliable support regarding the resolution.

Solution 1: Turn On Airplane Mode and Off

If you are experiencing AOL Mail down issue then, there are high possibilities of having an issue at your end. Since the AOL service works in the Internet, it is possible that your internet isn’t working properly. In order to make sure that your Internet is working properly, just follow the below steps

How to resolve AOL Mail not working issue on iPhone?

• Step 1: Turn on and off the Airplane mode on your iPhone. It can be done by the control panel. Here, you will need to swipe up on the screen to open the Control Panel and then, choose these options of Airplane mode. After a couple of minutes, disable the Airplane mode
• Step 2: Check if you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi and if you are connected to the Wi-Fi and make sure that it is working fine
• Step 3: If you are using cellular data and make sure that you have an active data pack and it might help you solve AOL email Problems

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings if you aren’t Getting emails on iPhone

If the above-given steps are conducted and still you are facing this issue then, it is time to rest the network setting on your iPhone. This might have a better impact then, playing with the Airplane mode and follow the steps given below to fix the issue

• Step 1: Go to the Settings and then, click on General and look for Reset option
• Step 2: In the Reset, options look for Reset Network Settings and click on it and it also resets W-Fi passwords and networks, APN and VPN settings, and cellular settings.
• Solution 3: Remove the Account and then, Login Again

If you are still facing the “AOL Mail not sending on iPhone” or “AOL mail not receiving email” issue, you will need to remove the account and add it again and add it again and to do that, follow the given step:

To remove account

• Step 1: On your iPhone, head to settings and now look for Accounts and Passwords option
• Step 2: When you find the Accounts and Passwords option and click on it. You will see a list accounts that you have signed in on your iPhone and click on the AOL Account
• Step 3: Now, as quick as you click on the AOL Account and you will enter in a new page and click on the Delete Account option available at the bottom

To Add Account:

• Step 1: On your iPhone, head to settings and now look for Accounts and Passwords option
• Step 2: Click on the Add Account option appears at the bottom
• Step 3: Sign in using your credentials

Solution 3: Use AOL App Instead of Mail App on iPhone

If you already tried all methods but still get the AOL errors like “The user name or password for “” is incorrect”, or “The mail server “” isn’t responding. Make sure that you have entered the correct info in the Mail settings”, you may download and use the AOL app from app store instead of using the Mail app on the iPhone to avoid AOL Mail login issue.

Call on AOL Mail Service UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant and reliable help regarding the resolution. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can. The teams are known for their experienced and certified nature so there are no such errors which cannot be fixed by them.