How to resolve the Family Tree Maker view Error?

04 May 2020

If you receive an error message while attempting to view a Tree in Family View, it might be due to relationship issues in your tree. This usually happens while people in a tree are given as marrying people to whom they are linked. But sometimes, you get stuck with the error Family Tree Maker View and in this guide, we will discuss the exact procedures to fix the error displaying tree. Call on FTM Contact Support UK to get instant and reliable help from the technicians.

The tree in Family View has ancestors that extend upward and the ancestry extends downward.

Now the tree in a pedigree view has ancestors extended to the left and the ancestors are just extended to the right-side. So when the people are having two roles in the family then, the family tree tries to insert them into both the roles. In the family view, you will get the result as either the “appearance of duplicates”. In a tree or an error, while displaying the tree together so when an error occurs then, you can choose to either switch the tree to an ancestors' view. You can just adjust the relationships in the tree and in this way you will have the members linked all in only one way.

How to resolve the Family Tree Maker view Error?

How to switch to a pedigree view?

In case, you do not have any mistakes in the relationships and you would like to keep your tree just as it is. After that, you can do so just by switching the tree to a pedigree or ancestor view. All you have got to do is to select the pedigree view just by giving a click on the link which is in the error message or by choosing the pedigree view button which is on the left side.

Resolution of Family View:

If you want to see your tree in family view again then, you will need to resolve the relationship mistakes in your tree or to remove one of the ways someone is connected to someone else. With the example of third cousins marrying each other then, you can fix the problem either just by disconnecting one of the spouses from their parents and siblings or by removing the marriage between the third cousins.

• In your tree, click on the View the Pedigree view link or the pedigree option appears on the left side
• Click on a person whose relationship which you want to change. To find them in your tree then, click on Tree Search appears in the top-right corner
• After that, you click on the person, in the menu which appears then, click on Profile
• In the top-right corner of their profile page, click on Edit and choose Edit Relationships
• Next to the relationships which you want to disconnect then, click on X. Detaching two people from each other does not remove either person from the tree, it just removes the connection between the two of them. If one person were listed as the mother of the other and their relationship was disconnected, the mother would no longer display as a parent for that child, and the child would no longer display as an ancestor of the mother
• In the menu which appears just, click on Remove
• Let’s move with the steps to fix Error Family Tree Maker:
• Relationships in your tree are intended based on data from your tree and do not take into account AncestryDNA results
• In your tree, click on the tree name menu that appears in the top-left corner and choose Tree Settings
• On the right side of the page underneath Who you are in this tree and then, click on Choose If “who you are” has already been set and you want to change it and click on Change
• Now, start entering your name and then, choose it from the drop-down menu which appears
• When you have selected your name then, click on Select
• Now, go back to your tree and then, click on a person
• Then, click on Profile in the card that appears
• Their relationships to you will show just beside their profile photo
• Click on the relationship to see the connection

Follow the above-given steps to fix this error code on your own in the shortest time frame. Call on Family Tree Maker Phone Number UK to get connected with the technical experts regarding the resolution. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. also, if you have any issue with FTM then, they will help you out.