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How to retrieve Yahoo deleted emails?

15 July 2020

Losing essential and important emails or mistakenly deleting emails which you still require can be frustrating. Good news is that the Yahoo! Mail provides you the facility to recover the emails which you have deleted accidently. In fact, when you delete a message from your inbox, it is transferred automatically to a “Trash” folder in can you need it again in the future. In case if you “Trash” folder has nothing, you can still recover the deleted emails by using the Yahoo’s “Restore” feature. In this guide, we will discuss a few steps to recover the Yahoo deleted emails in a very less time.

Steps to recover emails from Yahoo Mail Trash:

When you delete an email, the latter isn’t deleted permanently. Yahoo mail moves the email to the Trash folder where it is going to be stored unless you empty that folder. Hence, to recover deleted emails, you will need to restore them from your Yahoo MailTrash folder. For that, move ahead as follows:

• First of all, sign into your Yahoo Mail
• From the left side of your mailbox, go to your Trash
• Check the deleted emails to recover and then,
• Choose “Move” from the tools appear at the top of your email list and then, select the folder which you want to recover your email to

How to retrieve Yahoo deleted emails?

Undeleted emails

Recovering deleted emails from the Yahoo MailTrash folder is comparable to restore files from your recycle bin or PC: Your emails only require to be moved out of your Trash folder to be recovered. Although, if the email is no longer in your Trash folder, then in that case, that is more complicated case.

Steps to recover deleted or lost emails

You will need to request from Yahoo Mail backup

If you wish to recover delete emails from your Trash folder, you will need to submit a Restore Request that will recover your missing emails.

You will need to follow these steps to submit your request:

• First of all, sign into your Yahoo Mail account
• Look for the email in your Trash or junk email folder. If you can find the email you wish to recover in those folders, all you need to do is to move the email to its original folder

Otherwise, go to step 3

• First of all, go to Yahoo MailRestore Help from, and then, choose “Send a Restore Request”
• Describe the problem to retrieve the emails

When you click “Send a Restore Request”, Yahoo will request the information of the issue in the next page and fill the form by following a few simple steps

• Under “Describe the problem”, choose “Mail: Accidentally deleted emails on WebMail” from the rop-down menu
• Under “When did you last see the missing messages”, choose a time range and then, consider a time frame of less than 16 hours

Enter your Yahoo email address

The email address which you have access to and to create a new Yahoo mail just, contact the technicians at Yahoo Support UK for instant and reliable help

• Prove that you aren’t a robot by going through the CAPTCHA test by following the prompts appear on the screen
• Click on “Create Request” for submitting your request and at this stage, a message will prompt on screen that you successfully have recovered your deleted emails

These are a few steps that you have to follow to recover the Deleted Yahoo emails. If you want to know more or if you are facing any issue then the technical team will definitely help you. One more thing, you will need to make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection because a weak signal might create issue while following these steps.