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How to Setup AOL Mail on Mac?

07 July 2020

However, you can always check your AOL Email through a web browser, Apple Mail lets you access the same content and features from a simple app. Most operating systems support an email client that can send and receive email through AOL. There are two ways to do this where one is to use POP that features your messages for offline access so that you can read all of your new emails. The other is through IMAP when you mark the messages as Read or Delete messages, you will see those changes reflected in the other email clients as well as online through a browser. It is your preference which one to choose and use but neither one is tough to configure because the Mail app comes pre-configured for AOL Mail Settings. Follow the below-given steps to create and setup AOL mail on Mac.

Create AOL in Apple Mail:

• First of all, go to Mail and then, choose Add Account
• Now, select a Mail account provider windows shows up and choose AOL and click on Continue
• Enter all the required information and then, choose Next
• Now, enter your username and password of AOL Mail account to sign in
• Select what information you allow for Mac to access
• Now, choose the application which you want to use with AOL and select Done
• Here, you should have a new AOL inbox in the Mail app Now

How to Setup AOL Mail on Mac?

Setup AOL Email on Mac (POP)

• For that, first of all, go to Mail and after that choose Preferences in the menu
• Now, locate the Accounts tab and then, choose the + option
• Here, choose the radio option that appears next to AOL
• Then, enter the name, email address, and password in the offered domain
• Now, uncheck the Automatically Setup account and then, click on Continue
• Choose POP appears under the Account Type section and type appears under the incoming email server and Continue
• After that, type AOL appears in the outgoing mail server description
• Now, check the is entered under the Outgoing mail server
• Check Use Authentication and then, enter a username and password where required
• Now, continue to create the account and highlight the recently created account appears under section Accounts
• Then, go to Advanced tab and ensure that 100 is entered under the port
• From there, you can select the desired option appears under the Remove copy from the server after recovering a message

Remember that if you allow the macOS mail delete messages then, those aren’t available in AOL Mail on the web or for the download via IMAP

Create an AOL Account (IMAP)

• First of all, choose the Mail icon and then, go to the Preferences appears in the menu
• Now, go to Accounts and select the + option and find the radio option that should appear next to AOL
• Enter the name, email address along with the password in the provided field and sign in
• Highlight the recently created account that appears under section Accounts
• Go to Mailbox Behaviors tab and don’ check the Store send messages on the server
• Select “Quitting Mail” appears under “Delete sent messages”
• Close the Configuration window and save all the current changes

These are the methods to create an AOL Email account and sometimes, you might face issues while receiving emails on Mac. To fix this issue, you will need to follow a few steps given below.

Issues Regarding the Error of Not receiving AOL Mail on Mac

Sometimes certain mail reception issues can cause other issues but there is a need to check them, so the emails can be received on Apple Mail app

• Launch Mail and then, go to the Menu to choose Preferences
• Choose the Accounts Tab and select your AOL email account
• Now, check the information for any issues and make the correction if required
• Then, choose the Email address and select Edit Email Address
• Double-click on either your full name or email address and then, click on Ok
• Start the System Preferences to correct the AOL Passwords
• Choose Internet Accounts preference and then, select the AOL entry
• Now, enter the AOL credentials and then, choose Details

Issues while Sending AOL Email

• Go to the Mail menu and then, choose Preferences
• Choose the Accounts tab and then, select the particular account which might cause issues
• Select Server Settings and there you have to expand the drop-down menu of Outgoing Mail Account
• To check the server settings, just select Edit SMTP Server List
• Make any corrections and then, confirm the settings

These are a few things which you might face while settings up AOL Mail on Mac. If you are facing any other issue with AOL mail then in that case, get in touch with the technicians at AOL Mail Service. The teams are always there to help you and provide reliable and quick assistance.