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How to sync AOL notes on i phone?

28 July 2020

AOL mail is a very easy to use mail service and also this mail service is well packed with all the latest features and updated technologies, AOL is one out of those few mail services that have made the communications easy for the people.

But where there are advanced technologies involved along with the latest features there are always some technical errors and issues involved too. For the resolution of these technical errors and issues, it is best for the users to take help from the experts available at AOL mail UK. As a smooth resolution of these technologies and errors needs the user to have proper knowledge of all the technicalities and not always all the mail users are that much sound with the techniques.

So to make it easy for all such people who are not very much sound with the techniques and features here is the detailed resolution of the most common problem that is syncing. Here the users will get easy stepwise guidelines for the resolution of the AOL notes syncing issue on i phone.

How to sync AOL notes on i phone?

In order to sync AOL notes on i phone the user should follow the below-given procedure:

• On I phone the user should open the settings menu.
• There in the settings menu, the user should click the option “Accounts and passwords”
• Then from the list of accounts that appear the user should choose the AOL account that is to be synced.
• Then the user should turn on the switch for notes sync.

The “AOL notes not syncing on i phone” issue will then be resolved and the user will be easily able to sync AOL notes on the device. But if even after following the procedure the user still faces problems then, in that case, it is advised that the user takes help and support from the team of certified AOL experts. They are available at the service of the users all the time that is 24*7 they can be connected through phone calls, online chats, or emails.

The experts are specially trained for dealing with all the possible technical problems that can occur during the use of the AOL mail account there is no such issue associated with the AOL mail account that cannot be given a resolution by them the user can be sure of getting the most accurate as well as an instant solution.