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Is AOL mail going to shut down soon?

09 May 2020

If you are an AOL user and worried about the news that AOL is going to shut down soon then, don’t worry. It will never shut down. If this error message comes on your device screen then, there must be any serve related error which is temporary. In that case, you only have to wait for sometimes until the serve gets repaired. If you are not satisfied with this answer then, it is recommended to call on AOL Mail UK Phone Number without waiting too much time. Here, you will get the exact answer to your queries from the well-experienced technicians.

AOL is going to shut down isn’t a reliable message because this email service has become one of the best and widely used services through which you can send and receive emails anywhere. And according to a survey, AOL is loved by all of its customers because of its outstanding features and security. Not only this, but AOL is also continuously developing new and advanced features that enhance the experience of users.

But yes, an individual AOL account might get closed in case of AOL Mail after 90 inactive days. So, let’s move with the answer to what will happen if you haven’t login to AOL mail for 90 days.

If you do not log in to your AOL Mail account for 90 days then, the account is deactivated. In short, incoming mail might not be delivered to your mailbox, and incoming emails might be returned to the sender. If you login to your account after day 90 but before day 180, your mailbox is reactivated and you will receive new emails again. Also, you can use your account as usual but it doesn’t include any message which was returned to the sender while the deactivation period.

Is AOL mail going to shut down soon?

What will happen when you won’t log in to AOL Mail after 182 inactive days?

If you don’t log in for the 90 days then, you account will be deleted, and you may not be able to reclaim the email address. Apart from this, your emails, email attachments, and other photos will be also deleted.

Note: If you are not able to decide whether your account has been deleted, then use the account recovery flow of AOL to check it. And if your account is gone then, it will tell you the account has been deactivated or you cannot reset your AOL password.

Now, understand the reason behind the AOL shuts down. This is your personal reason due to which it has gone and you lost all of your emails along with attachments. So, it is recommended to log into your AOL account from time to time so that it stays active.

Sometimes, you might face an issue when AOL keeps crashing and it seems that it is going to shut down. There are a number of reasons for what you might face the same issue in your AOL Mail. Have a look at the common reasons so that you can know more about it.

• AOL might crash due to incomplete installation of AOL Mail in your device
• Also, there might be a possibility you are using old or outdated AOL Mail version
• Virus or malware attack on the device which you are using
• And the last, improper privacy of AOL Mail application

These are a few reasons due to which AOL crashes. This is not from the service end, these reasons are from your end and you can fix this error just by contacting the customer support team by calling on Yahoo Helpline Service to get instant and reliable help. The teams are highly experienced and will help you to out. So, just call them if you have any doubts about the AOL Mail service.