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Mozilla Technical Helpline Number UK

Mozila Firefox is a free open source web browser and it is mostly used by the many users. With an excellent feature and flexibility but sometime errors are inaugurated while using the most trusted internet web browser. Most of the errors of Mozila Firefox can be fixed by working through these diagnosing steps. All you have to do just start at beginning and end until issue is not fixed.

Major Issues that you can fix by contacting Mozilla Firefox Help Number UK

1) Certificate Error: You might get an error “your certificated is not trusted “. It is just an internet protocol for safety for website. If you are struggling with this error, add trusted sites to the security list.

• Open Mozila firefox and go to settings.
• Scroll down the button and click on” show advanced setting “.
• Scroll until you will not find “change proxy setting” and click on it.

2) 404 Not found: You have seen many web pages message errors but you often interact with this “404 page not found” message that’s means you are trying web page which is not exits. So if you are getting page not found message and you know site is still exits so another reason behind this issue is mistyped addressing. Please type correct address of the website

3) Unable to connect with internet: If you are trying to connect to the internet and getting message,” Windows unable to connect internet”. Try these things.

• Turn off the router, wait for 30 sec and turn back it back on.
• Go to the control panel and then network connection. Where you can see “troubleshooting problem “click on it. It will detect the error related to internet.
• If you are using Wi-Fi, sometimes you may enter wrong password. So check it whether your password you have entered is correct or not.
• Try to release and renew the IP address. You can do in two ways. First simply you can restart the computer or you can run some commands from the commands prompts.

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