What are the quick steps to export Tree from Family Tree Maker?

14 May 2020

Are you a user of Family Tree Maker and have a question that How to move my Family Tree Maker file from one PC to another? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Whether you are finally upgrading to a new system or just need to reformat your hard drive for fixing the PC issues, so you will need to transfer your tree. Well, a few instant and easy tips can help you to move your tree-without losing any detail. The first and foremost instinct of yours is to probably move your tree file just like you would any kind of document: copy, paste, and done. If you do this then, you will be able to access your tree, but Family Tree Maker will not be able to attach your media items and you’ll see only thumbnails of your records and photos.

Let’s move with the quick steps to export your tree from Family Tree Maker. Make sure that you export your file and audio, images, and videos at the same time


What are the quick steps to export Tree from Family Tree Maker?

Exporting a File in GEDCOM format in Family Tree Maker:

1. Select Export from the File menu the Export window opens

Note: When you open the Export window for the first time, you’ll see a message about the password security of your exported files. Choose the Do not show this message again checkbox if you want to skip the message in the future. Click on Continue to proceed

2. Choose one of these options:

• If you want to export the whole tree then, click on ‘Whole/Entire file’
• If you want to select specific individuals to include the file, click selected individuals. The File Individuals window will open. Click on a name and after that click on Include to add the person. When you are finished by choosing individuals then, click on Ok’

3. Select a GEDCOM option from the Output format drop-down list

4. Select the detail and information which you want to include in the exported file

Privatize living people: Choose this checkbox to exclude information about living individuals. Surnames and relationships will be exported but first and middle facts, names and shared facts won’t

Include private facts: Choose this checkbox to export facts marked as private

Include Media Files: Choose this checkbox to export links to media files in your tree. Choose the Private media checkbox if you want to include links to media items which are marked as private

Include only items associated with the selected individuals: Choose the checkbox to export only facts, links, and notes to media items which are connected to the individuals you are exporting

5. If you want to safeguard your exported tree with a password, choose the Export as password-protected ZIP file checkbox, and then enter and confirm the password you want to use. You, or anyone you provide the file to, will have to enter exactly the same password when unpacking the exported ZIP file containing your tree

Tip: For a password to be safe and secure, it should commonly be at least 8 characters long and contain digits as well as letters

• Click on Ok’
• In the Export to GEDCOM dialog that displays, change the Characters and Destination set settings if required, and then click on Ok’
• In the new window that opens then, enter a name for your GEDCOM file, select the location where you want to save it and then, click on Save’
• A message allows you when your file has been exported successfully, click on Ok’

How to Transfer Media?

If your GEDCOM file is going to be opened in the other program or on another PC then, you can transfer any linked media (audio files, images, videos, and other similar items) along with the file by following a few steps given below. Note, that you should do this before you create the GEDCOM file

1. Open your tree Family Tree Maker and then go to the Collection tab in the Media workspace. Make a note of the number of items it contains

2. Open the tree’s Media folder. By default, it is named Media and is located in the same place as the main Family Tree Maker folder

3. Make sure all your media for the tree are gathered in the Media folder. To check this, compare the items number in the media folder with the number in the Media workspace in Family Tree Maker. If the numbers are the same then, you have completed and can create your GEDCOM file. If they are different, then, follow steps 4 and 6 given below

4. Copy all the items on the Collection tab in the Media workspace (Choose Edit > Select All, and then Edit) and paste them into the Media folder to replace the existing items (Choose Edit> Select All, and then Edit > Paste)

5. Delete all the media from the Media workspace. Please don’t worry then, there is no risk of losing your media unless all the items are now saved in the Media folder

6. Copy all the media in the Media folder and paste it back into the Media workspace in Family Tree Maker. The links to the media files should now be corrected, and you can include them when exporting your GEDCOM file

Note: If your GEDCOM file is going to be opened on another PC and make sure to transfer the Media folder along with the file

When you are done with these above-given steps, you can easily export Tree from Family Tree Maker. Call on Family Tree Maker Support Number UK for instant help if you are facing any issue. The teams are always there to help you and resolve the issue in the shortest time frame.