Total AV Antivirus:

These days all of us are already well aware of the fact that how important it is for the computer and the device users to have security providing software installed on the system, as the world of computers is becoming more and more advanced with each passing day that advancement is not just all about the positive outcomes the latest technologies and features also have their own shortcomings such as the computers and the devices nowadays have become more prone to viral attacks, spyware, Trojans, malware infections and much more.

So, if there will be antivirus software like Total AV installed on the system then that ways it would be easier to keep the system well protected, safe and secure. In order to maintain good performance of the systems and devices like android, iPhone, iPads and many more.

List of the features associated with the Total AV Antivirus:

• Protection against phishing attacks
• Latest virus definitions
• Efficient monitors for data breach
• Advanced Scanning
• Safe browsing VPN
• Remote Firewall

Other than these main common features of the software that we have discussed above there are certain more additional features that are there, associated with the setup of the software.

List of the features associated with the Total AV Antivirus:
The List of those additional features goes as follows:</

The List of those additional features goes as follows:

• Adblock pro
• Data breach check
• Junk file cleaner
• Password Vault
• Duplicate File finder
• Application uninstaller
• Browser clean up
• Setup Manager

These features help the people in differentiating Total AV from other security providing tools and software programs as Total AV provides these features at relatively affordable prices in comparison to other brands of security software.

Minimum System Requirements:

Every software program comes with its own minimum system requirements if those will not be fulfilled then the users would get to face major compatibility issues. But with Total AV there are no specific system requirements rather it has always been very easy for anyone to download either from the browser or from the Google play store if it has to be downloaded on an android device. Total AV has always been well compatible with all the different types of operating systems, devices as well as computers.

Total AV Free edition

The pros of using the free edition include the following:

• Well- designed interface
• High test scores
• Free of cost

Nothing is just limited to pros, everything that offers pros has its own cons as well here in this case further we will see what can be the possible cons associated with the free edition setup.

The cons of the Total AV Free edition include the following:

• No Real-Time Malware Protection
• Malicious URL blocking not effective
• Ineffective phishing protection
• More advanced features are all available in the paid version only

Total AV Antivirus Pro

The Pros of using the Total Antivirus Pro include the following:

• High scores from the testing labs
• Properly designed user interface
• Additional advanced security features

Just like the free edition of Total AV has both pros and cons in offering for the users same goes the case with the pro version.

The cons of using the Total Antivirus pro include the following:

• Bad phishing protection
• The paid version turns out to be expensive
• Some of the features are nothing but a duplicate of the Windows built-ins

Though the software seems to be very easy to be used and everything else as it has been discussed here is really easy to be understood, but such software programs are always based on various advanced technologies and features and therefore, certain technical glitches and errors are just unavoidable.

Common Error messages appearing on Total AV:

• Engine not found
• Wrong Engine
• File open
• Vdf Not found
• Status: internal

Here for now we will see some basic Total AV procedures in a stepwise manner it is so because it is very much necessary for the user to have those basic procedures conducted properly in order to ensure efficient workings of the software ahead.

Total AV installation on Windows:

Total AV installation on Windows:

• On the browser, the user should open the download page
• There on the page, the user will have to search for the Total AV.EXE file
• The user will then have to open it
• The installation wizard will then get started with the process
• The process will then be completed in a few seconds

Total AV installation on android:

Installation of Total AV on android is much easier as compared to the installation of the software on the Windows operating systems, in order to install the software on android the user should get the application downloaded from the Google play store.

In the Google play store, the user will simply have to search for the Total AV application, once the user will be able to locate the application the user will simply have to click the option “Install” in a few seconds the application will be installed on the device.

Total AV installation on android:
Stopping Total AV Scan:

Stopping Total AV Scan:

If for any reason one needs to stop the Total AV scan then, in that case, given below is the procedure that the user can follow

• On the computer, the user should click on the “start” icon
• Next, the user should move to “settings”
• There in the settings window, the user should click on “update and security”
• Then, in the sidebar, the user should click on Windows security
• Next, the user should click on the “virus and threat protection”
• Further from the Windows defender, the user can very easily get the scanning disabled

There is enough information here related to the Total AV software, but still, there are many more important things associated with it, to gather all of that information the best option is to get in touch with the team of experts; the Total AV experts are available at the service of the users at Total AV customer care number UK. Also, if the user gets to face any sort of issue while using the software then also the best thing is to ask help from the technicians, they can be connected for the required help through live chats and Emails.

Through Total AV help, the users can be sure of getting the most instant as well as the accurate solution for any of the problems related to the software. It is always the team of technicians that have contributed immensely to the ease of use that is there associated with the workings of the software so we can say the same would go with Total AV.