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Unable to use AOL mail on iPhone

14 May 2020

AOL mail is a USA based email service that is running around the globe from a good time period, the service allows the users to easily exchange emails among themselves and thus the maintenance of communication becomes easy for them. AOL mail setup is designed to be well compatible with all types of devices as well as systems. The AOL mail service is popular among the people as it is easy to use and also it has a lot of latest and advanced features associated with the setup.

Though the AOL mail service is very easy to use still it happens that sometimes the user gets stuck with the technical glitches and issues these technical glitches and issues are rare but it is not possible to avoid them totally, but yes under the guidance of the AOL mail experts they can be easily fixed, the experts can be reached for help as and when needed they all are available at AOL mail UK contact phone number.

Unable to use AOL mail on iPhone

Here we will help out those who are struggling with the use of AOL mail on their I phones, some procedures associated with the AOL mail may appear complicated to the users same is the case with using it on an I Phone.

But if due to any technical problem AOL mail is not working on I phone then to get the problem fixed the user should follow the procedure given below-

Try fixing it through the airplane mode-

• Using the control panel, turn on, and then again turn off the airplane mode.
• Check the strength of the Wi-Fi connection that is in use
• If your device is running on a data pack then you need to check if that data pack is active on the device or not.

Network settings reset-

• In the settings menu on the device click “general” and there search for the reset button.
• Then as the menu appears, search for the option “Reset network settings.”
• It will be an entire reset done for the Wi-Fi password, network, VPN, APN, and also cellular settings.

Remove and then re-add the AOL mail account-

For removal of the AOL mail account, the user should follow the given procedure-

• On the device open settings and search for “accounts and password.”
• As you will click the “accounts and passwords” a list of accounts signed in on the device will appear.
• From the list choose AOL account.
• You will then get to see a new page, on that page, click the option “delete account” given towards the end of the page.

For the addition of the AOL account, the user should follow the given procedure –

• On the device open settings search for “accounts and passwords.”
• Then towards the end click the option “add account”
• You can then login with your AOL mail credentials.

The AOL mail account will be finally added to the device also the mail service will then work properly on it and the user will be able to experience a smooth usage of the service.

These are the most used hacks for fixing if the AOL mail service ever gets the users stuck into any type of problem with the usage of it on the iPhone, but if still, the user faces more problem or if there is any other AOL issue that is to be fixed ten in that case, it is best that the user gets connected with the AOL mail technical team the technicians can be easily reached for help at AOL service free or the technicians can be contacted through live chats and emails.