What Advanced Features Are Offered By AOL Desktop Gold To The Users?

14 July 2020

We all know very well the importance of communication in our lives, it is not at all easy to lead a healthy life without communicating with each other and all thanks to the developing technology that the process of communication has now become very easy as now communicating, is not only limited to personal interactions other than that there are many other options through which people can very easily and efficiently communicate among themselves.

One out of the many effective ways of communication is Email and when it comes to the best Email service then the name that strikes first of all in the brain is AOL, there are many services in the market providing this internet-based facility of email yet when we compare AOL with them this service then wins the battle with flying colors as it provides the users with many other features along with the Emailing service, for those looking for more in the face of the email service should upgrade themselves to AOL Desktop Gold. As the added features are only made available on that new version and hence that is the only means to experience something beyond emailing while using AOL mail service on the system.

What Advanced Features Are Offered By AOL Desktop Gold To The Users?

Here, we will look into all the latest features that the AOL desktop gold version of the Email service is offering to the users:

• The downloading and installation process of the AOL desktop gold is very easy and smooth to be conducted on the system.
• In the AOL desktop gold, the users can easily get the emails personalized as per their own preference through the fonts, text size, color, hyperlinks and emoticons, and other Email options.
• The user can keep his favorite websites saved through a bookmark and that would make it easier for the user to pay a visit to the website anytime.
• The AOL desktop gold comes with added premium features keep the computer of the user safe during the browsing and also keeps the mails of the user’s protected.
• Through the desktop gold version, the user can easily copy or import all the emails and data from one computer to another.
• Even if there is an older desktop gold version installed the user can smoothly import all the information from that to the new version through the import wizard.

All the features associated with the desktop gold version of AOL discussed above are very easy to be used and also are easy to be understood, but still using them efficiently may come up as a challenge for those from the non-technical background or those who have just little to no knowledge of techniques and the advancements associated with them in the name of features, for all such users it is best to get in touch with the technicians they can be reached for help as and when needed the lines are kept open 24*7 also the users can reach out to the technical team through the option of live chats and emails.

The experts are prepared by AOL by providing them with the best training and the best skills needed for dealing with all the possible technical glitches that can occur while using the features discussed above, therefore, there is no such error or issue associated with the AOL desktop gold mail service that cannot be resolved by the experts. Also, technicalities are never very easy for a common man to handle all alone therefore it is always advised to ask the help of a pro at techniques whenever there is a technical complication to be handled for getting back to smooth work.