Exact Methods to Create AOL Mail Account

30 June 2020

AOL has become famous across the globe and it has changed a lot over the years and focuses more on the content now than the internet service. A free AOL account provides you the access to web-based email and a number of online news and entertainment content. You can also use the AOL Instant Messenger service. If you want to create an AOL account then, follow the below-given steps very carefully. Make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection.

Creating a Free AOL Email Account:

Step 1: First of all, click on the "Sign up" link that is appeared at the top of the AOL homepage. Well, you can get this in the upper-right of the AOL homepage, which appears above the Weather icon. An AOL account offers you free web email and also lets you use the AOL Instant Messenger (AOL) service. Call on AOL Mail UK to get more information about this email service.

Step 2: Enter your name, you are asked for your first and the last name. Your name will be appearing as the sender when you send an email to someone. Create a username. This is the name that you are using to log into AOL, and will display if you are using AIM. Your username will be your email address so be sure before entering your username and remember it forever.

What are the ways to create AOL Email Account?

Step 3: AOL provides some recommend usernames that are based on your first and last name, or you can enter your own. Your username should be unique or you won't be able for using it. Now, make a password and your password safeguards your account so you will need to ensure that it is strong. A good password has some symbols and numbers and doesn't include any dictionary words that are irrelevant.

Step 4: AOL will display the strength of the password by using a meter to the right of the domain. Now, you will need to enter your password two times to confirm it. Enter your date of birth and use the drop-down menu to choose the month, and after that enter the day and year. You will need to be at least 13 years old for creating an account Select your gender and then, AOL needs your gender before you can create an account. This is commonly used to create the news stories which display on your AOL homepage.

Step 5: Then, enter your zip code, and while AOL doesn't need your entire address and they require your postal code to decide your general location. This is used for weather and the local stories on your AOL homepage Choose a security question and click on the drop-down menu to select a security question from the selection that available. Type in the answer to the question you to choose in the field that appears just below the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Enter your mobile number and you can use your mobile number to help to verify your identity when you are having issues while logging in. Entering a phone number is optional and enter an alternate email address. You can set a second email account as your alternate address. If you need to reset your password, the details will be sent to your given email address.

Step 7: Now, click on the 'Sign up' option and your account will be created and you will be signed into AOL. If you have set up an alternate email address then, you might need to open a message that is sent to it to verify the address.

Step 8: You can chat using AIM and one of the main advantages of having the AOL account is the AIM messaging service. You can chat with the goal through the AOL mail web interface, or you can download A as a separate program from AIM.com

When you have successfully created the AOL mail account then, you will get some advantage of this mail account. One of the main advantages of creating an AOL Account for your business is that there is no monthly fee to use it. AOL also provides an app that allows you to access your email directly on your cell tablet or phone.

AOL also provides spam blocking options to keep the unused or unwanted messages out of your inbox and along with security services that prevent possible harmful messages and email attachments from affecting your computer. To know more advantages, just reach the AOL Mail Contact to get in touch with the technical experts. The experts are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.