Yahoo Email Message Archive

23 June 2020

Yahoo email is a popular service that allows its users to exchange emails and messages among themselves the service is known in the mail service market for the advanced and the latest features and setup that it offers to the users. These advanced and updated features include attractive themes for the inbox, calendars, easy access to all the sent and received documents, files, and photos, etc.

Just like all these features given above, there is one more very useful feature for the yahoo users that is an archive, archiving the emails helps the user by removing the emails from the server of the mail service so that more space gets created automatically for new emails to arrive on the server the emails after getting removed from the server will be saved at a convenient location on the computer. But the process of archiving yahoo mails often appears tricky to the users so here with the help of yahoo mail service we will see everything associated with the process of archiving starting from its benefits going up to all the methods that should be followed for the conduct of the process.

What is the process to archive yahoo mail to hard drive/ Flash drive/external drive?

Benefits of yahoo mail archiving:

• Archiving email helps the users in the times when there is an overflow of the emails on the yahoo mail server as archiving provides more space for the newly arriving emails.
• This feature also proves of help when the yahoo email account gets hacked as through this feature being enabled the user will still be able to get easy access to the lost email data as all of it will be backed up somewhere on the computer.
• It also helps if the user faces any other problem while trying to access emails through yahoo mail server due to any technical issue.

There are two procedures through which the user can easily archive yahoo mail to hard drive/Flash drive/external drive. First is the manual method and the other procedure that can be done is creating a backup using the yahoo Email backup software. Here we will discuss both the procedures stepwise in detail for the convenience of the yahoo mail users.

Manual archive yahoo mail method-

• Copy all the Emails from the yahoo inbox and paste them on the word document.
• The user can also save all the Emails one by one on a local drive.
• The user can easily access yahoo mail on some other email client through POP/IMAP settings.
• One can also forward emails to other account through a different email ID.

But the manual back up method comes with its own limitations those are as follows:

• It would become time-consuming for the user in case of bulk emails to create back up for one email at a time.
• Sending Emails to another account would demand the handling of both the accounts at the same time.
• In order to access yahoo email in some other email client, the user will first have to set up the POP and IMAP settings.

As the manual yahoo mail archive procedure has some of its own limitations, therefore, it is strongly recommended to the users to go for the yahoo Email backup software as this comes with no limitations and also is far easier to use then to conduct a manual backup procedure. The user will just have to download the software from the yahoo official website once the software will be downloaded it will automatically connect with the yahoo mail account of the user and will start creating a backup for the emails.

The yahoo Email backup software also has its own set of advantages that further, makes it a must prefer option for the users:

• The software supports the backup of files in more than 10 different formats.
• It becomes easy to maintain all the folders and subfolders.
• One can choose and migrate folders accordingly.
• Latest Email filter.
• Easy migration from yahoo to Gmail.
• The software is well compatible with all the Windows operating systems.

If you still face any problem while conducting archive on the yahoo mail then in that case, it is advisable to go to the yahoo technical experts for further help and assistance they are available at yahoo mail help number UK.