Categorizing Media ItemS in FTM

29 August 2020

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Here in this guide, the topic of the discussion is the categorization of the media items that are added to the family tree maker by the user.

If we talk about the reasons for which one gets the process of categorization done on the media items then in that case we can say that it is useful for the family book creator.

What is the process to categorize media items in FTM and why it should be done?

List of the ways in which a family book creator uses the categorization goes as follows:

• For resizing the images.
• For putting a limit to the number of images added.
• For easy inclusion of media in a PDF format file.
• It helps in the specification of the image that should be given its place in the middle.

Now if we move to the process of categorization then it should be known to the user that there are actually two types of categorization one is the single media file categorization the other is Multimedia file categorization.

In order to get the single media file categorized the user should follow the given steps:

From the Family Tree Maker, the user should choose the single media file that is to be given a category.

• Further, the user should open the media details view.
• In the information panel, the user should click the option “edit.”
• The category dialog box will be opened.
• From the box, the user should choose one or more categories to be given to a particular file.
• If the option of the right category is not there then the user can get that added.
• Once the process is finished the user should click “ok.”

In order to get the Multi-Media file categorized the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should open the “Media” workspace in the family tree maker and should click on the “collection” tab.
• The files that are to be kept under category should be chosen.
• After that, the user should click on the option “Media Menu”
• After that, the user should click on “Categorize Media.”
• The categorize media dialog box will then open.
• The user should then choose the categories that are to be given to the media files.
• Once the process is finished then the user can click the option “ok.”

So, here are the reasons for which the media files are categorized, and also here is the detailed description of the process to be followed for the categorization of the media files. If other than this there is any other help needed in association with the workings of the software then the user is advised to connect with the team of experts at Family Tree Maker helpline number UK.