What is the process to unlock yahoo mail account?

09 May 2020

Yahoo mail account users are often seen in problems with the workings of the mail account this happens as the yahoo email service is counted among the most advanced and also well-updated mail service, other than the exchange of emails the yahoo mail service is designed to perform many other functions such as chat, video calling and much more this further makes communication easier for the users.

But as there are so many techniques and features involved in the workings of the email service therefore in most cases it becomes a problem for the users to deal with the few technical glitches that cannot be avoided totally but yes they can be fixed instantly with the help of the trained yahoo technical team available at yahoo mail help service for UK.

What is the process to unlock yahoo mail account?

Here we will mainly focus on the process to unlock the yahoo mail account and the users will be happy to know that there is not one but multiple procedures using which the account can be unlocked if one process doesn’t help the user can then move to the other if still, the problem remains then the user can move to the third process.

Let us start with the discussion of the first procedure of unlocking the account, this is the most common procedure and is approved by yahoo officially. The user should follow the below-given steps-

• On the browser, the user should open the yahoo help forum page.
• There should click on the “Account locked” message.
• Click the option “sign-in helper.”
• Enter the mail address and also the phone number.
• The user will then be asked the security questions or an account key will be sent to the given mobile number.
• Following the further steps, the user will get the yahoo account unlocked.

If the above-given procedure doesn’t help then the other way out is the user should try logging in the account through other yahoo servers as for that yahoo server the information about the cookies would be totally, new this would make it easy for the user to get an access of the locked yahoo account.

If the problem still continues then there is still another way out that can help the users with the unlocking of the yahoo mail account. In order to conduct the last process, the user should follow the below-given steps –

• Delete the POP and IMAP settings from the in-use email client software.
• The user should take away access to the account from all the third party applications.
• The user should try using another browser for the re-opening of the account.

One out of the three processes given above will help the users for sure with the unlocking of their yahoo email account, but if needed then the user can still connect with the yahoo technicians for help at yahoo mail service the technical team can also be easily contacted through live chats and emails the technical team is known among the users for its experience and skills.