What significant changes are made in GED match in Family Tree?

18 June 2020

Family Tree Maker is very convenient software for keeping all the records associated with a particular family safe and secure and also easily accessible on the internet. A family tree maker is the best option for keeping the family legacy alive and also with the help of the software it becomes easy for the users to pass on the same legacy of the family to the coming generations and this is how the legacy remains safeguarded.

In a family tree maker all the important information can be easily accessed by the people, if in case the software gets its users into any sort of trouble then for easy resolution the user should get in touch with the certified technicians at Family Tree Maker Tech Support Number UK..

Here we will talk about all the recent updates that have been added to the GED match in the family tree. This content here will be very helpful for those who have not logged in their GED match for a long time. Here they will get to read everything that has been added as an update to the GED match.

What significant changes are made in GED match in Family Tree?

What is a GED match?

GED match is actually a tool that provides the family tree users with an application, using that application the user can get the best results for DNA test also the procedure for the conduct of DNA test becomes easy if it is done through GED match. GED match also provides a close estimate of the ancestry.

Updates that have been done in the terms and conditions of GED match are as follows:

• GED match is now been acquired by Verogen.
• All the personal information and the privacy of the user will now be protected as per the terms and conditions followed by Verogen.
• The privacy policy also informs the user about all the information that will be under the access of Verogen after the acceptance of the user.
• Once the user reads all the updated terms and conditions it is advised to accept them and click on “submit.”

However, the new terms and conditions also provide the user with two more options using them the user can simply reject the terms and conditions or can put them aside for a while by clicking on the option “decide later”

Note: If the user will not accept the updated terms and conditions and if the user is not living in the USA then the visibility of the kits will be denied to the relatives of the user until the terms and conditions get the acceptance. Also, if the users are parents then their kids will not be visible on the family tree until the terms and conditions are accepted.

If there is still any sort of problem with the update done on the GEDmatch in the family tree then, in that case, it is advised to the user to get in touch with the technicians at Family Tree Maker Help Number UK for all the further information that is needed also the user can connect with the technical team through live chats and emails as and when needed. It often becomes complicated to understand for the users through reading when there is so much of advanced technology and so many updated features involved in such cases it is best to take guidance through the technicians as they are working in the field for a long time and there are specially trained for dealing with all the information as well as glitches related to Family Tree Maker. The experts know it all there is no information about the software that is not known to them.