What to do for fixing a hacked Hotmail account?

16 July 2020

Hotmail is a service of Microsoft is known for its safety and security the data stored in Hotmail account is not easy to go into unauthorized hands. The advanced and updated features and the techniques involved have made it easy for the service to maintain the safety and security of the users.

But still, if some anti-social elements succeed in the process of hacking a Hotmail account then the experts from Hotmail support number UK are here to provide an easy guide for smooth recovery of a hacked Hotmail account. There are not one but more ways to recover a hacked Hotmail account and all those are discussed below in detail.

Change the password- In order to change the password the user should follow the below-given steps:

What to do for fixing a hacked Hotmail account?

• Log in to your account if that is still possible.
• Click on the gear icon for opening settings.
• From the menu choose the option “More Mail Settings”
• In order to open the language menu click on “Account details”
• Further, click the option “change password.”
• In the text fields that appear enter the old as well as new password and press the save button.
• Log in to your account in order to confirm the changes. You can then inform your contacts about the successful recovery of your Hotmail account.

If this procedure doesn’t sound helping then the user should move to the other process for the recovery of the account.

Reclaim the Hotmail Account- In order to reclaim a hacked Hotmail account the user should follow the below-given steps:

• Open the Microsoft account login page.
• Click the option “forgot my password”
• Choose the option “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account.”
• In the next field enter the email address that according to you is hacked.
• Enter the captcha and verify yourself for not being a robot.
• Choose a source to receive verification code.
• On the "recover Microsoft account page" enter an email address.
• Fill up the form with the most accurate information to the best of your knowledge.
• Conduct a reset of the password.

By following any of the above-given processes whichever suits best the user can easily recover the hacked Hotmail account. If still needed, then the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified technicians at Hotmail Help Number UK.