What to do if download attachments of Yahoo aren’t working?

04 May 2020

Yahoo Mail is a famous web-based email service used by millions of people around the globe. If your web browser is Internet Explorer, disabling the Add-ons from the Tools menu can serve to solve the issue, alternatively, there is a solution for Chrome. The ability to receive, download, and open email attachments in your Yahoo email are crucial to your business, as email attachments can include memos, invoices, and other essential business documents. If you are facing any issue downloading attachments in Yahoo Mail Download, the issue could come from the configuration settings or security settings of the internet browser.

What to do if download attachments of Yahoo aren’t working?

1. Fail to open attachments in Yahoo Mail

Follow these below-given steps to help you to the easy opening of the Yahoo Mail attached files- Yahoo Mail Attachments Downloading

Update your Browser- As the first troubleshooting step, check for your version browser. If your web browser isn’t updated, it wouldn’t be able to open the Yahoo Mail attachments. So, update to the latest version

Install Adobe Reader Program- You might find difficulty in opening the PDF file attachments, to resolve the same download and install the free Adobe Reader program

Uninstall the anti-virus programs- If even after conducting the above steps you are not able to open the attachments then, try to disable the firewall protection and anti-virus programs that are installed in your system. The anti-virus software can be the reason for the inability to open the mail attachments

Try to Restart your System- Try to restart your PC system afresh. Many mail attachments related issues get generally resolved with the help of just a restart. A restart helps to clear any internet connectivity mail attachment issue

Disable the Browser Add-ons and Plugins- If your issue is still not resolved, try disabling any browser Add-ons and plug-ins as these become the reason that hinders the opening of the mail attachments. Thereafter, reboot your browser afresh and then try to reopen the mail attachments

2. Unable to Download Attachments From Yahoo Mail in Google Chrome

If you are not able to download attachments from Yahoo Mail in Google Chrome then, here is the best way to get this issue resolved. Follow the below-given steps very carefully

Try to download on another browser and turn on the compatibility mode: Try to open the Yahoo Mail attachments on another Internet Explorer in the compatibility mode. To turning the compatibility mode on, open the Tools option appears in the browser. After that, click on ‘Select Compatibility View’ and finally, select ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View’

Restart the Browser and disable any active extensions: As the foremost resolution step towards the issue, restart the browser and also turn off any added extension if any as they prevent the downloading of the attachments.

Uninstall the antivirus programs: Try to disable the firewall protection as well as anti-virus programs that are installed in your system. The antivirus software can be the cause of the inability to download the mail attachments.

Check the version of the browser in use: Check for the version of your current browser because an old or outdated or non-compatible browser doesn’t let the files to be downloaded and restrict the whole process

Use Yahoo Email Backup Software: If none of the above-given steps worked to download the mail attachments then, it is advisable to go for “Yahoo Email Backup Software: that is a tool that will help you in downloading the attachments in the Yahoo Mail along with the emails.

Before calling on Telephone Number for Yahoo Mail Help, you also can try a few more steps to resolve this issue shortly. Well, you will get instant and reliable help from the technical teams because they are highly-experienced and expert.

Step 1

Make sure that your attachment isn’t encrypted because Yahoo doesn’t support encrypted files or files coded in such a way to keep unauthorized people from seeing and from viewing it. If he/she sent an encrypted file version then, in that case, ask the sender to send an unencrypted file version to open it properly without any hassle

Step 2

Decide where your browser stores keep the downloaded files. Your browser’s help documentation can explain how to determine where that location is. The downloaded location might change when the browser settings are changed

Step 3

Make sure that you are using a browser that Yahoo actually supports. The company lists compatible browsers as Chrome Version 25 or the latest, like 9.0, Safari 4.0, or latest and Firefox 19 or latest. Download the advanced version of one of those browsers if you still have attachments issue after trying the other solutions.

When you are done with the steps then you should now able to download and open the email attachments on Yahoo. While conducting these steps, make sure that you are using a strong internet/network connection because a weak signal might create an issue while conducting these steps.