What to do if My Facebook account hacked and gets locked?

30 June 2020

Facebook has become one of the best social media platforms that come with excellent features. Now, the question arises what you will do if your Facebook Account has hacked and after that, it gets locked. Well, this is a very serious issue that can make your photos, videos, and other personal things vulnerable in the wrong way. In this guide, we will discuss the exact steps to fix the issue that Facebook account hacked and gets locked. Follow the steps very carefully and make sure to use strong internet connection.

1. Change your Facebook Password

If your Facebook hacker hasn’t changed your password then, you got lucky. This is the time to update your password before you are logging our suspicious sessions. If it is too late, move ahead with the next step which is given below.

Under Settings > Security and Login, just scroll down to log in and then, click on Change password. Now, enter the password and set a strong new password and then click on Save Changes

What to do if My Facebook account hacked and gets locked?

After changing your password, just scroll back up to Where You Are Logged In. Either Log out of the individual sessions just by clicking on the three vertical dots and then, click on the Log out of all sessions option appears in the bottom-right after extending the list. Do this only if you are sure to log back in.

It is advisable to log out, provided security settings and contact details are up to date. You do not want to expose your means of logging back in. If you are unsure that manually logs out of all recent sessions that seem suspicious.

2. Reset your Facebook Password

If the hacker did change your password and you can no longer log in to your Facebook account, act immediately. Try to regain access and here is a link that says “Forgot your Password” appears underneath the Facebook login.

It will allow you to recover your password in different ways. First of all, you will have to Find your Account. You can either enter the email address you used to register with Facebook or any other secondary email address which you added, as well as your phone number. If the hacked changed your email address, you should have received a message to the genuine address.

In some cases, Facebook provided to send a recovery code to any of the entered e ail addresses. It is highly recommended that you will need to specify multiple backup email addresses. Make sure that you must keep those accounts safe and secure by enabling two-factor authentication

3. Report the Facebook Hack

If your account was not simply hacked but is sending out spam and ads to your friends, you have to report it is compromised to Facebook by using Facebook.com/hacked. You can also use this in case you haven’t gain access to your account by means of a hacking attack. Facebook will help you to retrieve access to your account.

4. Remove the Suspicious Applications

Most commonly, it is not a hacker that randomly hacked your account. You might have just granted access to a malicious Facebook Application which subsequently hacked your account. To remove the suspicious application then, go to Settings> Apps and Websites and go through the list. Now, click on Show All on all Active Apps and Websites, click a checkmark on websites and apps you would like to remove, click on the Remove option appears in the top-right and make sure whether you would like to “delete all posts, videos, and photos on Facebook”, from these sources.

Also, click on the View and Edit link and change the app’s permissions, which includes options such as app visibility access to your personal information and actions it can actually take.

5. Engage Damage Control

After doing everything, you can to regain control over your hacked Facebook account and preventing further damage you will need to inform your family and friends about what is going on. well, this is a precautionary step in case the hacker has been abusing your account. if you presently cannot access your account then, get in touch with the Facebook friends via other social networks, by email or have a mutual friend inform them through Facebook.

Call on Facebook Helpline Number UK to get connected with the technical experts to fix this issue on your own. The teams are always there to help you in any manner they can. The experts are well known with all of the Facebook errors and tricks to keep your account safe and secure.