Why AOL mail is not receiving emails and how to fix it?

31 July 2020

AOL Mail sometimes stops receiving emails and one of the main reasons for this issue is some incorrect settings or sometimes email server issues. In the case of an email server issue, a user cannot do anything other than the manual changes. Below mentioned are reasons for not receiving emails and then, you will learn the troubleshooting steps of AOL mail not receiving emails.

Reason for AOL not receiving emails

If you are thinking about why am I not receiving AOL emails or you cannot receive AOL Mail, then, there might be multiple reasons behind this issue and some of them are listed below

• Maybe the sender is blocked by you
• Mails might go to the spam folder
• The AOL server might fail, although it happens very rarely
• There might be a communication gap between the server and the clients
• There might be a server problem between the sender and the receiver

If you are unable to fix the AOL Mail not receiving emails issue using the rapid guide. Don’t worry, use this guide to fix the issue.

Why AOL mail is not receiving emails and how to fix it?

Steps to fix issues AOL not receiving or sending emails:

Most of the people get stuck during sign-in, and while reading the new mails and then, of not receiving new mails.

Thoroughly check your filter-

It generally happens that a filter can cause emails to overcome inbox and be sent to either the trash bin or folder of the emails

To make sure that your messages are correctly organized, check the filters which you have created

Stick with delivery delays-

Because of heavy internet traffic, mail server, and routing issues messages are often delivered the right way because of delay in the process

Instead of waiting to check whether the message is delayed or undelivered, ask directly to re-forward the message to the sender and it is better to check for emails in your Spam folder

If you find emails in your spam folder you don’t need to go there, excellent to mark the messages as “not spam” and for that,

• First of all, you have to sign in AOL authentic website
• Concurrently, click on the Spam folder of the mail
• Here, you have to choose the message that isn’t spamming,
• Now, you will find at the top of the page, and you have to click on Not Spam

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process and make sure that you are using a strong and stable internet connection. Call on AOL Mail Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for instant and reliable assistance.