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Methods to Follow for using Gmail into Yahoo

02 July 2020

Yahoo Mail has become famous among the users due to its outstanding features. But most of the users are switching their account to Gmail because they think that Yahoo isn’t safe to use and it is more vulnerable to hacking. For those users, it is recommended do not switch their account and stay on Yahoo Mail because it also has some excellent features to keep your account safe and secure in a complete way. Call on Yahoo Mail Service to get in touch with the technical experts to get instant help in case to keep your Yahoo account safe and secure.

If you have doubt that your Yahoo account has hacked then, follow the below-given steps very carefully

Change your password immediately:

First and foremost, you will need to change your password and static credentials make the work difficult for the hacker. If your credentials were put on the dark web, someone could log into your account, so change them now. Make sure, you choose a strong password, containing symbols, numbers, and letters. Whatever you do, do not pick the simple and easy password that cannot be guessed by anyone.

Why choose Yahoo Mail over Gmail?

Change Passwords on the linked accounts:

If you have linked email accounts, you will need to change the password on them also. Well, there is a chance that a hacker could gain access to them via your Yahoo mailbox. Do not make your new set of email passwords the same they need to be different.

Prefer Two-Step verification:

You can add an additional layer of security to your Yahoo account with the Two-Step verification. Simply go to the Yahoo account info page and click on “account security” and then, mark the “on/off” icon. You will then be able to enter your mobile number and then, select to receive an account key through text message. It makes life a bit tough for a hacker as they will resist signing in from a machine that Yahoo doesn’t identify without access to your mobile phone.

After following these things, you should follow a few tips to keep your account safe and secure. As we already discussed, Yahoo comes with some security features, and those are given below.

Reply - to Alters

If Yahoo identifies that an email you will get replies to is other than the one whom you are sending the message from, it will allow you to know with just a little notification on the top of the message. If you have set up the reply-to function in your email, then there is nothing to worry about that. But if you didn’t send that then, you must have secured your account immediately and quickly.

Mail Forwarding Alerts

When you log in to your account when Mail Forwarding has been set up, you will get a notification that allows you that auto-forwarding has been setup. If you enable it then, there is nothing that requires to be finished. If you didn’t set this up, after that click or tap on “Disable Forwarding”. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to disable it, and after that change your password.

Spam Alerts

When Yahoo identified that an email address sending you a message which looks like spam, Yahoo will allow you to know by calling it out. If you know that the emails are safe and secure, just click or tap “It is safe” and you will not receive any pop-ups and notification again. If you have any doubts, click or just tap “Restore as Spam” and the Yahoo service will take care of it from there.

Phishing Alerts

If Yahoo identified that the email sending you looks “phishing” or “scams”, the Yahoo service will allow you to know by calling it out. If you know that the email is safe and secure then, click or tap on “It is safe” and then, this notification will never interrupt you again. If you have any doubts, click or just tap on “Report” and after that, Yahoo will take care of it.

Follow the above-given tips and do not compromise with your comfort which you are experiencing with Yahoo Mail. Stay on Yahoo with some outstanding features and enjoy a flawless experience. Call on Yahoo Mail UK to get in touch with the technical experts for instant and reliable support regarding the resolution. The teams are always available to help you and provide instant assistance to you.