Why is AOL mail not working on my android device?

30 May 2020

AOL mail is a very easy email exchange service when it comes to using it for the purpose of communication the service runs just like all other email services and makes it easy for the users to communicate among themselves moreover the updated and advanced features associated with the AOL mail setup make it furthermore preferable for the users over other email services, the features as well as the technologies involved further make it more user- friendly for all the people around the globe.

AOL mail setup not only allows email exchange but also by using the AOL instant messaging application the users can send and can receive messages instantly among themselves just like this there are also many other added features that can be used as a different service through AOL by the users instead of just being limited to the email exchange. The technologies involved with the workings of the service may put the user into some trouble for a smooth resolution to that it is advised to the user to connect with the experts at AOL service number.

The AOL mail setup is generally seen compatible with almost every device or even every Windows operating system but it often happens due to some technical glitch that the email service stops working on the android device this can be fixed by following a few hacks those hacks we will discuss here.

Why is AOL mail not working on my android device?

First Fix: Android Firmware Update- In order to check if an update is needed the user should follow the given steps –

• From the app drawer on the android device open the settings menu.
• Open the about section on your android by scrolling down to the bottom.
• Click the option “check for updates”

If there is any update available for the android firmware then get that update installed on the device for that the user just has to click on the update option and then have to follow the instructions appearing on the screen. Once the firmware is updated the user should then re-download the AOL mail application this may get the mail back to normal working on an android device if not then the user should move to the next resolution process.

Second Fix: Removal and re-add of AOL account- In order to remove and then re-add the AOL account on the device the user should follow the given steps –

• Click on the Settings icon on the device.
• Further, click, "manage account".
• Then click edit.
• Click remove given against the account that has to be removed from the device.

Doing this would remove AOL account from android device, once this is done then the user should get the account added again for that the user should follow the given steps –

• Open the settings menu on the device.
• Click the "manage account".
• Further click "add account".
• Enter the username and password in the given field.
• Click sign in.

Removal and then re-addition of the AOL account on the android device may get the issue resolved and this may get the AOL mail service back to normal working on android, if this also fails to provide a fix for the problem then in that case, it is advised that the user should turn to the team of trained and certified AOL technicians at AOL mail help care in UK they are available to provide support for the users all the time they can also be asked for help and guidance through live chats and emails they will further provide the users with other options that can be used for fixing this issue.