Yahoo re-launches messaging through IRC: Internet Relay Chat

29 April 2020

Before five years ago, Yahoo experienced a massive hack which affected all Yahoo accounts. Nowadays, Yahoo and Oath hope which you could forget it as they start Yahoo together. This advanced app aims to be your main destination for DMS and group chats. But would you rely on this app that was developed by the same organization that suffered data breaches in the past? It re-launches messaging through Internet Relay Chat. If you would then, you should download to your iOS and Android device. It is under the name of Yahoo Squirrel.

The new messaging app of Yahoo, Together, is developed for simplifying group interaction between friends, colleagues, and family. The internet services organization today announced the launch of Yahoo Together, a brand-new messaging service that is designed for organizing group messages between friends and family using smart features.

Yahoo re-launches messaging through IRC: Internet Relay Chat

The new messaging client will make you capable users to identify group chats as per various interests and topics that are similar to IRC. There is also an option for prioritizing notifications from discussions you are more interested in and mute the others you deem to be less important.

Based on the feedback is collected, the company updated its design that allows the users to have an easy way to use the app. In addition the re-design, Yahoo Together has some advanced features. One of them is smart reminders. This feature allows you to click on a message and set a scheduled automatic reminder.

The app looks to be designed as a way for you to organize things with your friends, family, and colleagues. If you look at the app closely, you’ll get that it is indeed similar to Relaxed. From its color scheme for the entire user experience, Yahoo Together is identical to Slack.

Yahoo has started its own quick messaging platform known as Yahoo Together. The group chat application is available for download on Google Play and App Store in the US for free and yes it brings multiple features that allow you to organize and streamline conversations with various people.

It is specifically designed for group chats between friends, family, clubs, and others, Yahoo Together tries to differentiate itself from others via its capability for organizing group conversation into individual topics, similar to the IRC model, and its ability for sending smart reminders about upcoming events.

Despite the similarities, Yahoo Together doesn’t have the third-party app integrations yet. It also lacks voice calling. These missing features are available currently on Slack. You cannot use Yahoo Together yet on your desktop as it has no web browser version or desktop app yet.

For using it, you will need to have a Yahoo account. For inviting other people to a group chat, you can provide them a code that they have to enter when they sign in. The good news is that the organization won’t ask for you to sync your contacts to the cloud.

Yahoo together has private channels. For instance, you can use these channels if you are planning secret events. In addition, this app also includes blasts. It is a feature that makes sure that every person in the group will see the message. It also comes with mute notification. The feature is useful if you want to simply mute those topics that you aren’t interested in.

On top of that, the app lets you upload documents, photos, and supporting links. It also supports Siri's shortcuts. How, well it will be received isn’t clear at the point. People haven’t forgotten the billions of Yahoo accounts affected in the 2013 massive hack.

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