A step-by-step guide to resolve Netflix Error code UI-113

22 March 2021

Netflix has become one of the best video streaming services and it comes with some exciting features that will enhance the experience of watching TV shows, movies, and web series as well. Netflix users sometimes get stuck when they try to play any video on their device and suddenly they see an error message “Error code UI-113” on the device’s screen.

You can fix this error code just by following a few troubleshooting methods given in this guide. Netflix Error code UI-113 will stop all videos which mean you cannot watch anything using Netflix.

A step-by-step guide to resolve Netflix Error code UI-113

Method 1: Restart your Device

There might be an issue with your streaming device and in such a case; you will need to restart your device so that the issue gets fixed immediately.

• You will need to unplug the power to the Streaming Device
• Wait for 5 minutes and plug in the device
• See if the Netflix error still persists or fixed

If you find that this error doesn’t work then, it is advisable to move ahead with the next method

Method 2: Restart Internet Device (Modem/Router)

There is also the possibility that there might be a configuration error with the internet modem which you are using and hence, this error occurs.

• Unplug the power to the internet router
• Wait for at least 5 minutes and then,
• Plugin the modem and wait unless the connectivity starts blinking

This might fix the internet issues which might stop you from connecting the Netflix device

Method 3: Disconnect Proxy or VPN

If you are connected to the internet through a Virtual Private Network or a Proxy Server then, it is advisable to disconnect and establish the internet connection. Sometimes the device has issues while connecting to the internet then; the device might get unable to contact the streaming service so disconnect all VPN or Proxy servers.

Method 4: Sign out and Reset the Settings

The method depends on the streaming device if your streaming device doesn’t allow you to sign out in case it should have an option for resetting all the settings. Make sure to try that before moving on to the next step and if the streaming service does allow you to sign out and follow the below-mentioned step.

• Go to netflix.com and go to the Settings option
• Now, choose Sign out of all devices
• Sign in again to the device and see if the step works

Method 5: Clear the App Cache

There are some devices that clear the device cache automatically while power-cycling them. If you are using one of those devices and then, your cache will be cleared automatically after trying the first solution. If you think that your device gives you access to delete the cache then, follow the below-given steps.

Method 6: Netflix App Reinstallation

If the error occurs even after following the above-given steps then, there might be an issue from Netflix’s end. Some of the devices don’t permit the user to uninstall the app and if you are using one of those devices then, there will be an issue with the un-installation. If the device allows you to do so then, reinstall the app and fix the issue.

• First of all, press the Menu button on the device
• Go to the installed and choose Netflix
• Click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the application

You will need to follow these methods to fix this Netflix Error code UI-113 and if you think that this problem still occurs then, it is advisable to contact Netflix Toll Free UK and get in touch with the Netflix experts. They are highly experienced and help you out with possible resolutions and fix your Netflix so that you can start enjoying Netflix again.