How can I conduct an advanced search on Netflix?

18 September 2021

We all know that there is so much available on Netflix to watch, so it often happens that people are confused while they sit opening Netflix gallery over a weekend, people while surfing Netflix are often seen complaining regarding this, they are often seen saying that most of their time is wasted on looking up for an option to watch and there is less time that they further get for streaming.

Advanced search on Netflix

So, here is the help for all the confused Netflix users, which are there around the globe they can use the Advanced search on Netflix, which would further make their journey of exploring the watchable options an easy and smooth one. But one cannot just use it like that; the user will have to use any of the web applications or any of the Netflix-friendly extensions. Here we will see more details related to that.

How can I conduct an advanced search on Netflix?

The extensions and the web apps list goes as follows:

Flixed: This is one such app that helps people by providing them with the IMDB ratings and also the universal search score would be checked. The user can also check if the content is there available in all the Netflix regions or is it restricted for some.

Flixlist: This tool helps people in searching the catalog for an appropriate title to watch, the user will further get filtered results to check on the basis of rotten tomatoes score and the MPAA ratings, the users will further be able to analyze the content on the basis of rotten tomatoes ratings.

Flix search: This is a particular site that helps people with so much content to be easily researched all through the different countries and different regions.

Flick Surfer: The Flick Surfer tool provides a simple and easily understandable user interface; also one more advantage with this website is that it is not just used for Netflix but also for other OTT platforms. This makes search an easy thing for the users as it comes to zones.

Instant Watcher: This is the best option for those users to take help from those who stream Netflix and Amazon Prime. The user can conduct a good search for titles of both apps easily through the website.

JustWatch: The users can search Netflix with this through the Just watch browser or there is also a special app designed for it that can be taken into use by people for making the search a sorting process for the users.

LeanFlix: In the LeanFlix, the user will have to search for the movies, on Amazon Prime, HBO, GO, iTunes, and also Amazon.


So, this is all related to the advanced search on Netflix, there are all these apps and browsers that the users can use for easy searches and for easy deciding of what content one should be watching if there is a free weekend approaching and the user really has nothing to do but there is a free Netflix subscription that is about to expire.