Can I find hidden categories of Netflix service?

16 June 2021

Netflix has become of the best video streaming services and it allows you to enjoy interesting videos, shows, and web series. Netflix streaming service has some hidden categories and there are many movies and TV series on Netflix which are hidden for several reasons. But we are here with the exact way to help you to find the right one, as we have the secret list of the category IDs.

Netflix's popularity is out of the question and the library has a lot of interesting films and TV series. The service is extensively used by viewers all across the world. But there is an unpleasant feature. You can find hidden categories of Netflix services by reading this post.

Can I find hidden categories of Netflix service?

Know more about Netflix’s hidden categories

Unless you spend hours scrolling via, the titles which are highlighted are based on the previous things which you have watched or added to the list. But if you are fancy watching something from a genre that is not available on the limited selection of Netflix, you will not be able to find what you are looking for with much comfort.

It will turn out that there are actually various codes that will make searching through Netflix much simpler for you. These codes associate with some pretty particular genres, ranging from “Romantic Foreign Movies” to “B-Horror Movies” and they have been put in one place for you to scroll through.

To visit every webpage of the genre, all you need to do is input the four-digit code into your web browser after the following address: It is really worth noting that this only works on the website and won’t be available on phones, Now TV boxes, or the Amazon Firestick.

It is quite easy to forward to work out when you have the Netflix secret codes list, all you need to change the numbers at the end of the URL. When you are done that you can scroll away with a much shorter list and find something to watch on the site.

Therefore if you know want to watch a comedy, or perhaps an action thriller is your bag, after that, you can narrow your hunt to that and avoid the endless, mind-numbing pursuit of the entertainment which all suffer through constantly.

There is a whole list of Netflix secret codes and for instance, you have to copy code 43048 for Action Thrillers. There are lists of all the Netflix secret codes that appear below to help you to find something to watch on Netflix.

Ways to unlock hidden Netflix categories

You can easily unlock the hidden Netflix categories and for that, you have to go through a few methods which are given below.

To view the default genres

If you want to view the default genres then, all you need to do is to open the “Netflix” app on the iPad or iPhone and after that, tap on the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Just below your username and profile, you will need to see a list of genres. It has all of the top-level categories for Netflix content like comedies, action movies, and drama.

You also can scroll down on the main screen of the application to the browser via the main categories.

To view secret sub-genres

To view the hidden categories or sub-genres for the Netflix catalog, you will need to leave the Netflix app that appears behind and then, open the Safari browser or any trusted browser on your iPhone or the PC.

You will need to browse to and then, log in to your Netflix account using credentials. After that, click on one of the following links to get access to the specialized sub-categories that will allow you to access a more complete and fine-grained view of what Netflix has to provide.

If you are facing any issue while seeing the hidden content on Netflix then, you will need to call on Netflix Customer Service Number UK and get in touch with the experts for any assistance regarding the same. They will assist you to provide an exact resolution for all Netflix-related errors and queries.