Medium to find sender's IP Address in Yahoo

10 August 2021

Email is the best source for communication nowadays that is the easiest and also is the fastest to use through the process of email service the users can very easily communicate with each other sitting in any corner of the world. The users will just need an internet connection and an email ID for the easy exchange of emails. It can be said that this is the most advanced and also the most efficient means of communication that is available for the users.

But here the discussion has not to be regarding the email services in general here it has to be specific regarding the Yahoo mail service. There are so many email services that are available for the use of people out of those all it is the Yahoo mail service that is mostly taken into use by people it is so as there is no other option in the market of email services that are as advanced and updated in terms of technology and features as it is the Yahoo mail service. Sometimes the users have seen the need for knowing the IP address of the email that has been sent to them, well that is something tricky to find out but with the right procedure the user can get it done very easily here, we will see the sender’s IP address in Yahoo mail service this is the best and the most instant service for email exchange.

Can I search for a sender’s IP address in Yahoo mail?

In order to find out the IP address the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should log in to Yahoo mail after that the user should choose inbox from the left pane the user will be able to get to the email for which the IP address has to be checked.
• After that, the user should click on “more” further the user should choose the option “view full header”
• The full header information box will show all the useful information related to the sent message for the user in the Yahoo mail inbox.
• But just that box will not be enough the user will further have to scroll down with the scroll bar and will have to look for the X- originating IP line through that the user will be able to find the IP address of the sender.

It can be because of security reasons that a user may be looking around for the IP address of a sender, there are chances that a suspicious element must have sent the email with the motive of stealing important data from the system also the sender may have other selfish motives towards sending an illegal email to appear as a legal legitimate one. But we cannot just finish the whole information here, in order to make the whole understanding of the procedure easier we will also be discussing all the remaining information as well.

X mailer header:

Talking regarding the X mail header it can be said that there is an X mailer line this header included in every email message tells the user all related to the program through which the email is sent. There, is actually two types of headers that come attached with every email message one is the brief header that comes with the basic information regarding the received email, but the other one is a detailed header through which the users can look for the IP address in case of suspicious email.

View of the header information:

In most of the email services, it is very easy for the users to check information in the header, but this viewing of the header may differ depending on the email client that the user would be using and also on the email client through which it has been sent. In most of the email services just to provide a better user experience the header information is kept hidden. It is through the special click that the users are able to check the information in the header.


There is one more condition that the user needs to keep in mind that is the x mailer line will only be visible if the email will be sent through a genuine email program like Yahoo mail otherwise if the user on the other end would have sent it through a webmail service. There is an increasing trend where people are using webmail services for their business promotions.

So, this is all the information related to the finding of IP address from the Yahoo email address, the guide is going to be very helpful for people. So, all the people are advised to read the guide very carefully. Only then the user will be able to look for the IP address as per the requirement and will further be able to keep the process of emailing safe and secure.

The procedure of finding the email address is an easy thing to be done, the whole process is very easy for the users to understand, but for all those users coming from the non-technical background it has always been a tough call, so this process has been discussed here is going to help people in many ways after reading the guide as it has been given here the conduct of the whole process would be an easy thing to be done. Yahoo mail service has always been very easy for people to use and to understand in the right manner, this is the best thing to be done.