Tricks to secure Netflix profile with a PIN

18 March 2021

Netflix video streaming service has so many outstanding features that will enhance your video watching experience. Whether it is a romantic series, thriller, or crime theme, everything is available on the Netflix account. Apart from these features, Netflix added a new feature that allows you to secure your Netflix profiles using a PIN. When you enabled PIN locking then it keeps other people on an account from getting access to your profile.

Netflix has launched the new feature as part of the upgraded parental control that is specifically designed to keep the kids away from entering the parent’s profile and from streaming age-restricted content. For now, just have a look to Secure Netflix Profile with A PIN and set a strong PIN that cannot be accessed by anyone.

Can someone secure a Netflix profile with a PIN?

Setup PIN Protection

• First of all, you will need to sign into Netflix with a web browser
• Now, click on your Profile Photo appears at the upper-right corner and select “Account”
• After that, go down to the Parental Controls and Profile section and click on the arrow that appears next to the Profile icon to stretch this area
• After doing this, you will see Profile Lock settings (that is actually the Netflix PIN protection feature) and click on the Change Button
• To make sure that you are the owner of the account, Netflix will ask for the password and when you enter the password, you will see a screen where you have to click on the “Require a PIN to access the Profile”
• Here you will have to enter your chosen PIN and make sure to create a more creative and powerful PIN
• You will need to check a box here so that you can see the PIN is required whenever someone tries to add a new user profile to your Netflix account
• When your PIN is set, Netflix will prompt for the time that profile is selected at the welcome screen and it will happen on all devices that might include TVs

Make sure that Netflix won’t ask for a PIN even if your profile is the only one that exists on the account

Important: Never confuse this with the Two-Factor authentication, as Netflix doesn’t offer, and profile lock is intended to restrict other genuine users on the account to get into your individual Netflix experience.

Any Netflix account profile can be provided its own PIN, but only the account owner has the power to set them up. Therefore, if there are a few people who want a PIN then, you can look away as they use them once when you have authenticated with the password. In case, if you have forgotten your Netflix PIN then, don’t worry, as Netflix allows you to recover your PIN. For that, you have to follow a few steps so that you can get it recovered.

Recover a Netflix Profile Lock PIN

If you have forgotten your Profile lock PIN which you have set to protect your Netflix account then, click on the link that says “Forgot PIN” appears on the bottom of the screen. Else, you can call on Netflix Support Service UK to get in touch with the experts for instant assistance. In case of watching on a TV device, you will need to enter the provided web address into the web browser. To check or to edit the Profile Lock PIN which was created for the profile, you will need to enter the Netflix account password.